Happy Homemaker Monday...

The weather in my neck of the woods: Cloudy, a high of 93 today :) Yippee! Our average this time of the year is about 105 so it's like spring time!

One of my simple pleasures: Chopping the veggies for the salsa I made this week (link to recipe is below). Just being able to take the time and cut everything just so is very therapeutic.

On my bedside table: 'Unplug your kids' by David Dutwin, Ph.D

On my TV: Nothing

On the menu for tonight: leftovers (we always have a big dinner on Sundays and usually have leftovers which I will make into tacos or quesadillas-it gets old after a while but I hate to waste food.)

On my to do list: the usual (cleaning, laundry,etc). And it's movie day at the library.

New recipe I tried last week: None, but I did make banana bread and salsa

In the craft basket: nothing

Looking forward to: Library day today. Hopefully going to the mountains this weekend (fingers crossed!)

Homemaking tip of the week: Take baby steps. Sometimes I just look around and think -'ugh, what will I do with all this STUFF?' In the short run it's just easier to get a cup of tea and turn on 'Oprah' but after that hour, amazingly, the STUFF is still there! So I take 5 minutes and deal with one pile. Once it's put away I can either quit or keep going - take 5 more minutes and conquer a bit more. When the job is smaller I feel like I can finish it sometime during this decade and usually continue on. This is a great way to handle the 'dump' spots in your house. For us it's our wet bar by the front door. For some people it's a hall table or the dining room table or the kitchen island. So start with 5 minutes...

Favorite Blog post of the week (mine or other): This was a great post last week by Michelle about the 'bright side of having to be frugal'. I think a lot of us are trying to be a little more frugal right now & this is a great motivating post.

Favorite Photo of the week:

Summer time and the livin' is easy. Little Miss and her friend 'H' take a popsicle break by the pool. (Note LM's new tankini.)

Lesson learned the last few days: Slow down, it's summer. We have all vacation to do it.

On my prayer list: Friends & family

Devotional, Scripture reading, key verse:

`The more he gives to others, the more he possesses of his own.


Join Sandra at Diary of a SAHM for more Happy Homemaker Monday. (Love the new banner Sandra made!)


Anonymous said…
Salsa is one of our summer favorites too.
Cutest picture of the popsicle break!
Tip about breaking it down for housekeeping is a lesson i am learning too.
The Mrs. said…
Five minutes wouldn't make a dent in my pile!!!! I do spend hours on it though!

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