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I thought I would try to post something useful for a change. I saw this Recipe Swap at Life as Mom and thought that would be the perfect way to post something useful - and yummy. (She also does a Frugal Friday series which I have enjoyed.) Today's recipe theme is Mexican - Yum!

When we moved to AZ 10 years ago I was bummed to be leaving my beloved mid-atlantic seafood restaraunts with their soft shell crabs & hush puppies. I figured some great Mexican restaraunts would take their place. Boy was I wrong. The Mexican food is OK but nothing great and really doesn't compare to the Mexican restaraunt in my small North Carolina college town (who'd have thought?)

My friend made this wonderful salsa for my husband's 40th birthday party in October and since she has taught me to make it I haven't bought salsa at the store. It is quick, easy and delicious. Guests will be asking you for the recipe. And it's easy to adjust to personal tastes.

3-4 fresh tomotoes
1/2- 1 medium onion (yellow or white - I, of course, buy what's on sale!)
handful of fresh cilantro (to taste)
1/2 cup or so of banana peppers (from a jar - mild or hot-your choice)
salt to taste

Chop the ingredients, sprinkle with salt & Enjoy! And it's easy to add more onion, cilantro or peppers if you like extra.

Visit Life as Mom for more yummy Mexican recipes.


Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!
Rebecca said…
I'm shocked to hear that SW food leaves something to be desired in Arizona -- I, too, would have thought that you'd have a great replacement for seafood. Keep on eating those chips with your homemade salsa!
Anonymous said…
Sounds yummy! We love to add banana peppers to ours also.

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