Idol Recap - Top 7

I thought I would post my Idol recap tonight instead of tomorrow because:

~ I am not sure if I can post tomorrow - busy day. I have a little project I am working on for my sister. Details later.

~I know you are dying to see my opinion on this show!

Tonight was songs from movies night. In my head I had this as 'show tunes'. So I was thinking we would hear things like 'Oklahoma' & 'Grease'. No, that's not what they meant. All in all I think everyone was pretty good. But we are down to the top 7 so they had better be good. And they'd better bring it as 'good' isn't going to cut it much longer. Here's my take on the whole thing(in no particular order):

Allison: She sang "I don't want to miss a thing." The song from "Armageddon". Really great job. One of her best performances, in my opinion. Great reviews from the judges.

Anoop: Again, one of his best performances. It was a Bryan Adams song. Judges liked it, too.

Adam: Once again, he owned the stage (and the song) with 'Born to be Wild'. Stop the competition, we've found our winner.

Kris: I really liked this one. He just sang this week - no guitar. Kara said it was one of his best performances. Randy wasn't so wowed.

Danny: Good, solid performance. He sang "Endless Love". Remember that movie? Judges enjoyed it. I really like Danny but he's getting a bit boring - everything kind of sounds the same.

Lil: Oh Lil. I fear her days are numbered. It was good, not great. Judges said about the same thing.

Matt: Good performance. Not his best but he was behind the piano which is always nice. Judges thought he may have over done it a bit.

Who should go? I am guessing that the bottom 2 will be Lil and Matt, with Lil going home. But when it gets to this point it's always any one's guess.

I have been reluctant to really mention who my favorite is (can you guess?) for fear of jinxing him or her (silly, I know). I'll let you know when they either win or get the boot...


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