Very observant...

This conversation took place on the way to the mall with Little Miss:

Little Miss: "Mom, it look like you have some grey hair on the side of your head."

Me: "Yes, I know. I need to color it again."

LM: "Maybe you should get some hair dye at Walmart."

Me: "I have some at home."

LM: "You should probably get two boxes."

Alrighty then.

I did feel better when the cashier at Walmart CARDED ME when I was buying my bottle of wine. I think they are supposed to card you if you look like you're under 40. Works for me.

My husband called a bit ago and asked what I was doing.

Me: "Getting ready to email the Art teacher to find out why Little Miss got a 92 in Art."

Husband: "Okay, psycho mom."

So, I ask you: Am I a psycho mom for emailing her? Little Miss does not remember not turning something in or not participating. I thought I would ask the teacher to find out if something was going on that I was unaware of. I mean, unless you don't do your work or misbehave shouldn't you get a 100 in Art in the first grade?

And in the news today. Tell me, who would think this was okay? People just don't think, do they?

My husband would really think I was a psycho mom if he knew that I was 'this close' to talking to LM's teacher today about what precautions, if any, would be taken to keep the kids' hands clean today in the wake of the swine flu situation. I didn't say anything since I did think it might be a little alarmist. But we are only 3 hours from Mexico and people come and go all the time. Lots of folks here drive down to get meds there and shop. LM's teacher is good about having them wash their hands before lunch. For whatever reason, lots of kids are still sick here - winter colds and such - so there's all the sneezing and coughing still. So far we have no cases of the swine flu in Arizona. Hopefully it will end up not being an epidemic.

Well, I am off to do some scrapbooking. After I wash my hands...


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