Idol Recap - Top 8...

Last night the contestants sang songs from the year they were born. I could have lived without watching this as all but one contestant was born in the 80's. The 80's, in my opinion, had some of the worst music ever (with the exception of Rick Springfield, but did anyone sing "Jessie's Girl"? No they did not.) So I wasn't really thrilled with any of the performances but they all did fairly well considering what they had to work with.

Adam - the last performance but clearly head and shoulders above the rest. Another FAB performance.

Danny - Another stellar performance.

Kris- Another good one for him.

Matt - Good performance, too.

Anoop - He brought his 'A' game this week - great job.

Allison - She also brought it this week and was back on top.

Scott - Not his best performance but I enjoyed it. Judges weren't wowed. Who knew he could play the guitar?

Lil - Not her best performance. Judges agreed. I was disappointed because I really like her.

Who should go? My feeling is that, sadly, Scott will be going home. But remember that this is the week last year that America sent Michael Johns home so anything could happen. The judge's 'save' is still in play though but I really think they would only save Adam, Kris or Danny. Tune in tonight to find out!

Now, back to real life. Laurie commented on yesterday's post about my fundraising woes. She asked what the funds are being raised for. The hockey league is a non-profit that is partnered with our city. The city gave the land on which the rink is built and the hockey league paid (or is paying for) the 'structure'. A local concrete company poured the concrete for the floor and the league still owes them $13,000. So that is what the $$ will be used for. Although I don't think they can really make us all pay $200 if we don't sell all the raffle tickets I think they want us to feel that way. Several families have 3 kids in the program so that would be $600 they would be on the hook for - not the best way to keep kids in the program.

Little Miss is headed to the radio station today after school with the Tiger Cubs. Yes, she will be the only girl with all the boys. My friend's son is the the Tiger Cub troop and asked if Little Miss would like to join them. She jumped at the chance. And that gives me an extra hour alone this afternoon...


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