Idol Recap-Top 7, Part 2

Yep, it's that time again. Last night was Disco/70's night. What could have been a disaster turned out to be a pretty good night. Of course, there were a few standouts:
Adam - Yes, he was amazing again. No more can be said.
Kris- Fabulous again. He sang, get this, "She works hard for the money" originally sung by Donna Summer. She has never been a favorite of mine. I even said to my husband, "I hope no one tries to do Donna Summer." Well, Kris did a great job with it. It was like a totally different song, thankfully.
Danny- he did his thing again. Sounds and looks great.
A few were good:
Allison- She also sang a Donna Summer song, 'Hot Stuff'. It was not so hot for me but okay. And I think she will still be around for a few more weeks. She can sing, for sure.
Matt- I loved his rendition of 'Stayin' Alive'. It was good. Judges seemed to like it too for the most part.
Anoop-Another Donna Summer song. Remember "Dim all the lights"? He put a new spin on it. Not bad. Another one who can sing.
And then there was:
Lil- I am bummed she didn't do better since I love her. I want her to do well. The judges all agreed that this was not her best performance. Simon even said it might be her last week. Ugh.
Who will go? I think the bottom 3 will be Lil, Matt and Anoop. Lil & Anoop will leave this week. But, like always, ANYTHING can happen. It just depends on who called to vote. It all comes down to that. And the judges can't do anything about it this week...


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