Are you ready to go yet?

So, we leave in a little while for an out of town hockey tournament. Little Miss is thrilled beyond belief that she gets to leave school early (1pm instead of 2:30).

When we travel I usually do the packing for all three of us. And I usually forget something. And it's usually something for my husband (like we are going to Yuma in July and I forget to pack a sweatshirt - yeah, we'll need to bundle up if it dips blow 115 - so it's usually not something TERRIBLY important). So a few trips ago I decided I would pack the underwear, socks and jeans/shorts (usually both - you never know what you'll need) & he could pack the rest. So far it's worked out well.

I still pack his toiletry items because I am nice like that. I called him this morning @ work about 8'ish to see if he would need his shaving stuff. And he says, 'gosh, I haven't even thought about it, do you need to know now?' Ummm, yeah, I pretty much do as you want to leave by 1. Apparently, Debra just sits around all day and by sheer magic the following gets done: hockey gear in car, cooler packed, 2 suitcases (belonging to me and Little Miss) in car, gas in car, hotel & rink info printed out, phone chargers packed...well, you get the picture. It's magical around here.

It's usually a little stressful getting ready for a trip but we always have fun when we get there. Speaking of getting ready, I had better continue. The magic seems to have worn off and above said items are not taking care of themselves...


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