Here we go again...

So, my husband comes home from his hockey board meeting last night & I ask how it went. "OK" , he says.

"Did you get anything accomplished?" I ask

"Well, we are doing another fundraiser." He says.

Of course they are - it's only been 4 months since the last one they did! Yippee. And that long since I have complained about it (well, maybe I have complained more recently.) They are raffling off a 50" plasma tv. Tickets are $10 and each child 'has' to sell 20 tickets. Yippee. Did I already say that? The really cool (sarcasm) thing is that all but one of the kids on my daughter's team go to the same school and most of the parents are friends outside of hockey & have many of the same other friends.

Today Little Miss was supposed to have school pictures taken - again - we do fall and spring pics. Not surprisingly, the spring photos are a fundraiser for the school - of course. We get to school after much attention was paid to her hair only to hear the teacher say 'pictures are cancelled until next week.' Nice to mention that to the parents the morning of the supposed picture day. I really have a beef with the communication or lack of it we have at school. They send out a newsletter every Friday but it doesn't always have all the (or much) news in it. (I think the cancellation of pictures was a last minute thing so it wouldn't have made it in the newsletter.)

On to other things: Does anyone watch "House"? What a shocker last night when Kutner committed suicide. I guess they are going to stretch out the 'why' he did it for the rest of the season. I watch this with my husband since he likes it but I am more of a sitcom type of person since they generally don't kill off the characters.

I have bought about half of the candy I need for Easter baskets so far. I will hit K-mart tomorrow to finish it up. I do one for my husband and, of course, Little Miss. Am I the only one who thinks that Easter is getting to be another gift giving holiday, like Christmas? It seems like they are showing more and more Easter themed toys to put in baskets and advertising DVDs & video games. Back in the day, we got a little candy, maybe a stuffed animal and possibly a toothbrush in our baskets. Oh, and we were thrilled with that! I am trying to resist this advertising and going back to the basics of the basket. But just like everything else, it's hard to do. Just put some blinders on me as I enter the store. Because we all know that Little Miss does not NEED anything else.

I am expecting school to be a ghost town on Friday and Monday as we don't have either day off for Easter. Many people have mentioned to me that they thought school was out on Friday and had made plans to leave town that day. Nope, school's in session. I have often wondered why spring break is not scheduled around Easter time. I am sure there is some logical reason. Or maybe not...


Laurie Anne said…
Again I feel you pain on the fundrasing. I guess my question is what are they raising funds for?? 20 tix at $10 is a lot and are you on the hook for the $200 if they don't sell? I really think that if EVERYONE just cut back a little, there wouldn't be this never ending need to fundraise.
And for the baskets, you can resist the temptation. Before you put that cute easter whatever in your basket, just try and think of what it will be like to step on it, pick it up or eventually have to donate it. Easter isn't a time for more stuff.
Hang in there, Debra!! :0)

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