Assembly Required...

As a general rule, Debra doesn't assemble things. So when I bought my new vacuum the other day and it was in a short box I knew I was in trouble. I brought the vacuum home and opened it up, hoping I would just need to 'click' the top to the bottom. No, it couldn't be that easy. It was in several pieces and I actually considered returning it when I saw the bag of screws.

Take a deep breath, I said. Look at the instructions; can it be that bad? After reading the instructions I decided to attempt it. Just then my husband called to say the countertop guy was coming over to put the countertop on our kitchen desk. PERFECT, I thought, if I really mess this up I am sure the countertop guy will help me.

It actually only took about 15 minutes and - get this - it worked when I went to use it! This is quite the accomplishment for me. And I love my new vac! (For the record, my husband would have put it together when he got home but I wanted, no, needed to vacuum before then.)

Idol Update

Scott went home. The judges were torn as to whether or not to use the 'save' - Two for using it & two against. Simon finally made the decision to not use it, sending Scott home. I am sad to see him go. I really like him and he was such an inspiration. (If you don't watch, Scott is legally blind and plays the piano and guitar.)

I have heard more than one person say that we should just stop the show now and crown Adam as the new idol. Maybe so, but then what would I talk about? I know you are wishing that I was still boycotting the show...


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