Idol Recap - Top 5...

Last night was 'Rat Pack' night. Jamie Foxx was the 'mentor'. I have to say that all the performances were very good. This group is very talented. My take on the whole thing (in order of their performances):

Kris- Excellent job tonight. No guitar, just the voice and the band. Sang "The way you look tonight". Judges liked it very much.

Allison-Very well done. She sang "Someone to watch over me". Simon was a bit critical saying he wasn't sure if she wanted to win. Give her some slack, she's 17. The other judges seemed to enjoy it.

Matt- "My funny valentine". Good job. Judges seemed to like it. Simon swooned over him which he hasn't done before.

Danny- Great performance. In my opinion, his best yet. I was starting to get bored with him but he was great last night. Judges agreed, some of them indicating they would see him in the finals.

Adam- He did his thing - again. Enough said.

Who will go-I think this is the best top 5 ever. Anyone can go home tonight. Anyone. My opinion is that Matt or Allison will leave.
(I never did mention that Lil & Anoop went home last week. But I know those who care already knew this.)
Update on Little Misses Art grade: I asked a couple of friends yesterday if they would contact the teacher if their child was involved and they both said yes. So I emailed the Art teacher asking if there was a situation I was unaware of & why Little Miss lost the points. Apparently, some in the class were misbehaving and when that happens the entire class loses the participation points. Mrs. S said that she knows Little Miss was not one of the misbehaving kids as she is always good in class and she adjusted her grade accordingly. I have a little issue with all the kids losing the points when all were not involved but I guess it is easier for the teacher and easier to explain it to the kids that way. I really did not contact Mrs. S to get the grade changed. I just wanted to be able to take care of any negative situation before it got out of hand. I wonder if any other parents contacted her?


The Mrs. said…
I am just dying over Adam. Each week I cannot wait to see what he does!!!

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