Wednesday's Project...

Little Miss had tennis bright and early on Wednesday morning. Seven am to be exact. It's an early start but that also means we're done early and can go home. Which is exactly what we did yesterday so we could start on our project. This is the 'before' of the chest that sits next to our bed. It's a bit high for a bedside table but I am making it work since it was FREE!

It was painted white with some green paint painted over it and then blotted off. Cute but not really working for me.

So here's what I did:
Valspar white exterior latex - right out of the can with Valspar 'Sea Breath' (one of my all time favorite colors) stripe. I am not wild about the knobs but don't want to spring for new ones right now. I found some I liked at Lowes - special order, of course @ about $8 each. I'll look for something a little more cost effective. Until then, I can live with these.
Little Miss was a great helper- both at painting and being the go-fer. It's nice that she's at the age where 'help' really means' help'.
Today LM has her friend L here for the day. We had planned on going to the movies but got a last minute invite to bowl w/ some friends. I asked the girls what they wanted to do and they voted for bowling. I was thrilled because to be honest the movie every week is getting old. Bowling will be more interactive and give them a little exercise. And we don't have to get popcorn...


paige said…
what a fun dresser!! i love the nautiacal look.
big thanks--#1 for your opinion on the charleston sofa, who knew?
#2 for the link to the amazing grace giveaway....totaly fun
Amazing what a liitle paint will do!

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