Spring Cleaning Update...

This spring cleaning thing is moving along. Maybe a bit slowly but moving along anyway. You can tell by the ever growing trash bags in the garage. They should be dropped of at the Goodwill this week. There's also a bag of books and puzzles and games to take over to LM's old preschool. Moving right along. Simple Mom has had 'hot spots' the past few weeks:

  1. My closet - CHECK

  2. Paper clutter - NO check, yet.

  3. Kid's clothes/toys - HALF a check - still working on this. It's one of those things that keeps growing - I go through clothes and realize that her dresser/night stand needs to still be painted after we redecorated her room. An old art cart in the playroom needs to be changed out with a new one that still has all four wheels.

  4. Pantry - CHECK

  5. Whatever you want - you pick the area. How great is that? I vote for junk drawers! Yes, we have more than one.

Confession #1: my pantry is done because I did this a few weeks ago. Probably about a week before the Project:Simplify project started. But it still counts, right? I didn't take any before pictures - just use your imagination. This is my spice/baking cabinet. I threw out all the old, expired spices, old yucky sprinkles and frosting tubes & wiped down everything. I tried to put like things together.
Found the perfect spot for the bright pink fondant. My dad bought it for LM because - well I am not sure why but you never know when you might need it, I guess.
Confession #2 - the fridge is spic and span because WE GOT A NEW FRIDGE a few weeks ago! So it better be neat and orderly, right? I will say it's one thing that is usually kept pretty neat. I toss out anything old on Sunday nights since our trash is picked up on Mondays. We also have a huge fridge for the size of our family. That's not to say that things don't occasionally get lost in the back but it's not too common.
And I had to share this photo. It's the wall cabinet in LM's bathroom. I opened it the other day to look for something and this is what I saw. Don't you just loved the nail polish and lip gloss lined up on the bottom? Keep in mind that this is the child who can't find the hamper for her dirty clothes and leaves towels on the floor. I guess this is a start.
How is your spring cleaning coming along?


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