Beach Day...

We spent a day at Donner Lake (as in the Donner party) in California last week. The weather was perfect. Warm and sunny. At the west end beach there is a little area marked off for swimming and lifeguards for the area. There are a couple of playgrounds, picnic tables and volleyball. The perfect way to spend a day. We came prepared with some beach toys for LM. She spent hours building a moat and a little pool area for the ducks.

The water was a bit chilly but quite refreshing when it got too hot on the sand. I loved the fact that we were standing in the water, in our bathing suits looking up at a mountain that still had snow on it. Some of the ski resorts in the area were actually open on July 4th. I think I prefer the beach to the slopes this time of year.

They had paddle boards and kayaks and pedal boats for rent. LM insisted on renting a pedal boat. I gave in. She cried because she was afraid and she didn't want to go out too far. I was horrible at driving it. I found it really hard. It was a good time, I tell you! I had planned to take it around the lake but didn't think I'd be able to get the back before our rent time was over so we stayed close to the dock.

We spent most of the day there and it was heavenly. I did get a bit sunburned on my shoulders. LM was slathered down pretty good with sunscreen and I thought I was but I guess I missed a few spots. Every time this happens to me I wonder how old I have to be to finally get this sunscreen thing down perfectly!


Laurie Anne said…
Sounds like you had a great time. We are heading out to my friend's lake house this week and I can't wait :0)

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