I am sure a lot you have read Rhonda's blog, Blue Creek Home and enjoyed it. She lost her domain name over the weekend. She has posted a letter on her blog and I am re-posting it for her to spread the word to others that she has a new address. Here's her letter:

Some of you may have heard that I lost my blog over the weekend. Thankfully, I had started it at before I purchased the domain and changed it to .com. This allowed me to continue to access the blog at the blogspot address with all of the contents intact. The problem is that any links you guys have do not come to me now and most of my internal links are broken. The man who bought my domain (fair and square, I might add) has set up house at my old blog address ( For the first few days when you visited, you were redirected to GoDadddy. Today, he suddenly has six or seven posts - a new header - some talk about interior design and decorating, and google adds. Please if you go over, don't click on anything. I don't want this guy to make a cent on my traffic to this address.

Find me at for now and please change your link address to the new blogspot address if you have my button, follow me, or have me saved to favorites/bookmark.

This has taken the wind out of my sails. I am trying to decide if it's time for a break so that I can focus 100% on little Mason and family. I will keep y'all updated.A few of my best blog friends have offered to post this on their blog for me and I appreciate you guys. Anyone else, please feel free to copy this and post it for me -I want to keep this man from getting my traffic!

And, a word of warning to those who may own their domains - don't let it expire!!! Domain squatters are waiting like vultures in the wings to buy it. One thing I WILL NOT DO is try to buy it back from him.I sincerely appreciate each one of you,


Quite amazing isn't it? There are bad people out there and what for? We work hard and put our hearts and souls into our blogs and bad people (I'd use other terminology but this is a family blog) take advantage. This is a good reminder to us that it's a big bad world out there, unfortunately. As the good guys (or gals) we need to support each other.

So head on over to Blue Creek Home and give Rhonda some love! :)


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