Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Small Town Parade....

We went to the July 4th parade in my sister's town on Monday. A small town parade that draws big crowds. Crazy big crowds from near and far. There were some great floats. The traditional horse drawn carriage. The not so traditional snowboarder on a trampoline. My favorite by far.

The local Michael's had a float. Unfortunately they were not throwing out any 40% off coupons!

The ski patrol had their own fun float. We decided that this guy definitely had the best seat in the house!

I have no earthly idea what this float was or who sponsored it but it was neat looking and the float riders were having a ball. See the house on the right hand side of the above photo, #1203? It's for sale! Wouldn't that be a great house to have on July 4th every year?

We got to the parade a bit early and staked out a spot for us so we could have a good view. I think we did a good job.

After the parade the city put on a big party with food and beer and bouncy houses and cotton candy. But it was super crowded and we here at September Acres aren't big on crowds so after a few minutes at the park we decided to head somewhere quieter for lunch. Even LM was on board with it...

How did you spend your July 4th?

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