T minus 2 weeks....

until LM starts school. Fourth grade. Seems like yesterday she was starting pre-school. Guess we all say that, don't we? The summer has flown by just like it always does. So we'll be spending the next 2 weeks just enjoying the days, trying to stay cool & finishing up back to school shopping. I also need to try to fit in a visit to the eye doctor.So I will take a blogging break for the next few weeks to enjoy everything and try to be productive. But I am sure I will take some time to read my favorite blogs at some point.

See you in a few weeks!!

The pictures were taken last year at the Fourth Ward School in Virginia City, Nevada.


Laurie Anne said…
Enjoy these last few days. Where did summer go???
Deborah said…
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Do you homeschool Debbie?
I homeschooled my daughter for 4 years and loved it so!!!

Deborah xoxo
Telly C. said…
Enjoy these last couple weeks! I hope she enjoys her school year!
Splendid work. Your writing is top notch.
The Mrs. said…
Summer is flying by! I swear where did it go! So looking forward to a weekend away with HUBBY!

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