Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Around here...

It's back to school this week after a week off for spring break.  It's been busy around here just doing a little bit of everything. 

Making 'stress balls' for LM's school project.  200 stress balls.  I guess she needs a stress ball after that!  They still need to be decorated with little pom pom heads and faces.

Time at the library.  We have a teen center at our library - the kids have to be 12 to use it.  Someone is very anxious to be able to do that...

I moved this chest out of LM's room and into the kitchen/dining room for the Keurig.  I plan on painting the chest again soon, too.

LM got some pointers on photographing pets from the latest issue of 'American Girl'. She did a great job on this shot of Smokey.  Maybe she should take all the photos for the blog...
(Does anyone remember the American Girl magazine from the 1970's & 1980's)

What we haven't done yet is dye Easter eggs.  Two dozen eggs are waiting in the fridge for us to dye tomorrow night.  More on that later!

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