Smash Book...

K & Co. Smash Book
LM got a Smash Book and some accessories for Christmas.  I got hers at Micheals - the Micheals that is now closed.  Can you believe that?  In this itty bitty town where there's not much in the way of shopping, one of the only 'fun' places to shop closed its doors at the end of January. Something about rent being raised when the new owners of the mall (I use the word 'mall' very loosely) took over.  Thankfully, we still have a Hobby Lobby.  And they also carry Smash Books.  You can also get them at Amazon and straight from K&Co. They're every where these days.

The idea behind them is having a fun 'girly' place to store all of your keepsakes.  Things like concert tickets, notes, letters, pictures, magazine clippings, etc.  It's kind of like a scrapbook but more random.  You don't spend hours doing one page (in theory)- you just place your keepsakes on the page, add a little note, some stickers, tape - whatever trips your trigger - and move on to the next page.  LM hasn't done much with hers yet but it sits on her bedside table where it's easy to add fun stuff when the mood hits.

As I am getting in my annual 'I really need to organize this office after I am done with taxes' mood, I keep coming across things that I want to keep but don't really want to put in a scrapbook and I am thinking that I need a SMASH book too.  So, I have a little money tucked away for just this fun purchase.  And I just noticed the K&CO website is having a little sale until the end of the month.  Perfect timing.

So, I'm off to shop now.  But first I need to decide which color I want...


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