Pottery Barn Knock Off - Easter Flag

I saw a cute burlap Easter bunny flag in the Pottery Barn a while back for $39 (it is no longer available).  I didn't think the price was too bad but I knew I could make something similar and just as cute.
Pottery Barn

 I actually ended up making two of these - one using burlap and one using drop cloth.  And I added a cute pom pom tail to both.  I made the hanging rod with a dowel and two finials painted black to resemble wrought iron.

For the drop cloth bunny I painted the bunny (I just Googled 'bunny silhouette' and picked out a bunny, printed it and traced around the bunny on the drop cloth with chalk.)

I sewed the edges, making a pocket for the rod.  I added a bow to the neck, a button for the eye and the pom pom for the tail.

Here's the burlap bunny. I traced the bunny freehand on white flannel and sewed it on the burlap. I used the same type of dowel/finial for the rod.

I added a pom pom for his tail, too.

I had all of the supplies on hand with the exception of the pom poms, dowels & finials.  I spent about $4 on those things.

I love how both of these little flags turned out.  They are cute additions to our Easter decor.

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Anne said…
awwww how adorable is that?! Great job!
The Mrs. said…
I like yours WAY better!!
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