Favorite Money Books...

I am always looking for the newest personal finance book.  I pick them up at the library mostly - some of them are horrible & I stop reading soon after starting.  Some are really great and I end up buying them or checking them out numerous times.  Some of my favorites (in no particular order):

I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan so I love this book.  I think he makes so much sense and what he advises us to do with money is really simple stuff - it's the discipline that's hard.  He shares success stories in this book which I find motivating.  He talks about his 'baby steps' for getting out of debt and offers forms to help with budgeting.

Jean Chatzky has written many books but I like this one a lot.  This book talks about the difference between us and the financially successful - what they do that we don't.  It's good stuff.

David Bach coined the phrase 'the latte factor' - that money we spend everyday without thinking - for lots of us that money is spent on coffee, hence 'the latte factor'.  What could you do with that $5 a day you spend on coffee, sodas, lunch, etc.?  

This book by Suze Orman is one of the first personal finance books I read.  This book will make your re-think your approach to money.  There are quizzes that help you figure out why you think the way you do about money and why you have certain money 'hangups'.  It's like a one-on-one with Suze herself.

If you're looking for a little inspiration to help you save a little more one of these books might be just the ticket.


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