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"Punctuality is the politeness of kings"
I am resolving to allow alot of time to get places this time of year, in hopes that it spills over into the new year (a good resolution). The roads are busier. Stores are busier. People are busier. It just makes good sense to start the journey a little earlier than you usually do or than you think you should. When you leave yourself a little extra time you just feel calmer knowing you're going to make it. Every day on the way to school my daughter and her friend ask 'are we going to be late?' Why they ask I don't know, since in the year and a half we have been car pooling they have never been late. But it's nice to know that they are conscious of the fact that they need to get to school on time. Plus, I think they like the time to play on the playground before the bell rings.
This weekend is a crazy, busy weekend for us. My daughter has her last play practice tomorrow from 8am - 11am. We're going to get there early. She has her Daisy Scouts Christmas party from 1-3. We're going to get there early. Sunday at 11 is a birthday party for a friend of my daughter's. We're going to get there early. Sunday at 6 is the Christmas play. Very important to get there early.
Being early sends signals that you are looking forward to getting to your destination. Even if that's not the case - like when I am going to the dentist- I still get there early. We all know it's a sign of respect to be prompt. Your time is just as important as mine.
So as I finish up these last two weeks of Christmas preparation I will vow to give myself some extra time in order to enjoy everything a little more.
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Anonymous said…
Love the quote!!
Stephanie said…
I do struggle with being on time sometimes, but I so agree that it is really important for respecting those you are going to see. And it certainly makes things simpler- there aren't many things that make me feel as yucky as knowing that I am late, rushing around and having to walk in late. It's definitely worth it to try to be on time and take that 5 or 10 extra minutes!

Thanks for joining in Living Simply Saturdays!

Stephanie @ Keeper of the HOme

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