Monday, January 28, 2008

A warning...

To all moms and dads who get asked by their little ones to go to Build -a- Bear Workshop - don't do it!! You will be sorry and broke! haha We held off for a LONG time but a couple of years ago my daughter 'stuffed' her first animal, a pink poodle. This year was what I call her Build a Bear (BAB) birthday. She got outfits (which she can hang in her bear armoire that my MIL got her for Christmas), a little purse, and a couple of gift cards. She, of course, was thrilled.

We went out of town this weekend (luckily we don't have a BAB where we live!) and took her to the mall to spend her gift cards. Did I mention that we also had a $10 gift certificate from her 'stuff for stuff' membership (read: we spent enough money to get that) & a $5 birthday certificate from the folks at BAB? If you get caught up in this you should definitely sign up for a stuff for stuff card - it is totally worth it. Here is what my daughter got with her cards.
Isn't she cute? She named her Harley - I am not sure where that came from. She is just thrilled with her new purchase & had so much fun getting her outfit & shoes. So, we now have another stuffed animal living with us!
We had some badly needed rain yesterday so today it's still a little damp, not to mention cold. I will be glad when spring is here although I know that we have it better than those of you in the Northern States. My sister who lives in Utah has no sympathy for me when I mention that it has gotten into the 30's at night. They haven't seen the 30's during the day in a while! I have to say that this cold weather has allowed me to get my money's worth out of my 'faux' Uggs. A $20 well spent! :) I just cannot justify the outlay for real Uggs at this point in my life (trying to save for college and all) - but it's OK with me!
Well, I need to run. My daughter will be home in a few and I have to tie up a few loose ends before she gets here....

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I got tagged...

I was tagged by Kellie @ Acorn Cottage. I am not sure I was ready for this - but thanks for including me! Here goes...

4 Jobs I have had

Summer school secretary-during college - very, very, boring - I remember making copies & trying to stay awake - haha. Luckily it was only for about 6 weeks!
Sales person in a small boutique-in high school - again very boring - except when I got to change the mannequins.
Boutique manager-my first job after college - not boring - I worked my tail off & and made not much $$$. I sure learned alot though.
Retail buyer-my most favorite job & the one I had when I met my husband (he worked for the same company.)

4 movies to watch over & over
The Sound of Music
Baby Boom
Bring it on
Sweet Home Alabama

4 places I have lived

North Carolina
Washington State

4 people I email daily

My sister - and I know she wishes I would stop!

That's really it.

4 favorite things to eat

Soft shell crabs
Ice cream
Good & Plenty - is that really a food or just candy???

4 places I would rather be

Park City, Utah
hmmm.. not sure of another one.

4 things I look forward to this year

Our summer trip to Quebec (my first time!)
My family staying healthy
getting more scrapbooking done!
Summer vacation - my daughter will be out of school

4 People I will tag

I hate to end this here, but I don't really know anyone else to tag at this point.

Thanks again to Kellie. This was fun. Makes you think about things you might not think about on a daily basis.

I am off now to work on one of the things I look forward to this year - I am going to a friend's house to scrapbook!! yahoo....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Going Green

Well, isn't that the buzz word (or phrase) these days? Although I am not what I affectionately call a 'tree hugger', I am beginning to be more and more like one these days. It's not a bad thing - I feel good about what I am doing. Alot of people I know say "we're only one family, how much difference can we make?" It is so easy to think like that. But what I do know is that the 'green' things I do for my family DO make some difference, they are better for us, and they make me feel good (and isn't that what it's all about?? - haha).

The whole reason for this 'green' post is to relay a little story about my husband. First off you should know that sometimes he thinks I am crazy. All these little things I do - the organic milk and produce, recycled trash bags, non-toxic house cleaners, etc. - I know he wonders 'why?" A while back, I bought the reusable shopping bags at the grocery store so I don't have to keep bringing home the plastic ones. On Saturday, I sent my husband & daughter out to the grocery store to get a couple of things for the party. I also gave him a shopping bag. When they came back he had a different shopping bag - they went to a store that we usually don't go to. I said to him "oh, you bought a shopping bag". He said, "I left the other one in the car so I bought this one since I wasn't bringing a plastic bag in the house." I guess he really does listen to me!!

So, I wonder what are other people doing (if anything) to be more green? We have always used cloth napkins - my family really doesn't know any different & if we do ever have paper ones they ask what's going on. I try to use non-toxic house cleaners - vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice. Although I have to admit that I love the smell of the white towels just out of the dryer with that faint clorox smell. I am working on that! I am starting to use the compact flourescent bulbs but I am getting resistance from the husband (they are not bright enough). We don't drink soda so we have no cans or bottles to recycle (we do have the occasional beer cans & a plastic bottle or two after a party). I have started using this 'Seventh Generation" stuff & have liked everything so far. Supposedly you can get it at Target - we have a Target opening in March (can't wait!). In the meantime, I have been getting it at
Well, it's back to school tomorrow so I am off the monitor my daughter's bath. I plan on it being a short one so she can get to bed on time. We had a fun day and were busy so she should be pretty tired.....

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Party's over...

Today was my daughter's birthday party. We had 10 kids (9 girls & 1 boy who is a good friend's son and a really good sport). So my fears of not having enough kids didn't come true (fortunately, my fears don't often come true). We played "Pin the backpack on Dora" and had a scavenger hunt which led the kids to the cake. I think everyone had fun and my daughter was thrilled with all the gifts (of course!) I made the cake and got great comments on it -WHEW! I started decorating it at 6:30 this morning so just in case it didn't work and it looked nothing like Dora I could run to the bakery for 'plan B'.
I am ready for a quiet night. We have some movies to watch (DVD's my husband bought with his Christmas gift cards) so we might do that. Although I would be happy to go to bed in a little while, or now! Even though it was a great day I am beat!! And Sunday's are always so busy. I am at church from 8:30 to about 11 or 11:30 then it is home to fix lunches and then hockey practice is at 4 - not alot of down time. But I am happy to report that there is no school on Monday! So we can get up leisurely and maybe go to the park. My daughter has her 6 year doctor appointment on Monday too, but not until 3pm.
Well, I am off for now. I hope to be able to post a little longer next time. We'll see...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where did the last 6 years go?

My daughter will be 6 tomorrow. Actually in just a couple of hours since she was born at 12:22 am. Where exactly did these years go? It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. I know it sounds cliche. I wonder if it will feel like that forever? This will surely be her "Build a Bear" birthday. She is getting two gift cards and she got this cute little birthday set along with a darling little pink bag (which I think is for a pet but she insists on taking it in place of her backpack to school tomorrow). I let her open those 2 items today since a friend from out of town sent them. I am going to put this pink poodle where she can see it when she gets up and put the gift card we are giving her in the poodle's lap. I am sure she will be so excited. I am taking cookies to school tomorrow and then we have a small family party tomorrow night. Then Saturday is the 'big' party (6 girls as of now). I am glad I scheduled the party at 2 so we have the morning to get things in order and ready.
I sure would like to sit and write all night but I am just about ready to fall over. I woke up at 3:15 and couldn't get back to sleep plus it has been a busy day so I am done! Good night...

Monday, January 14, 2008

I knew her when...

We repainted my daughter's playroom over Christmas vacation and we are slowly getting things on the wall. One thing I wanted to do was have her paint something on canvas to put on the wall. She did it over the weekend and it is now dry and hung up. So, when she is a famous artist...haha!! I thought it turned out cute and she was so excited to hang it up.
We are having her birthday party on Saturday so the playroom will be ready to be played in when the girls have 'free time' (as she put it). I am only inviting girls to the party. I am kind of torn since she has some friends that are boys but the parties were getting out of hand so I thought this was a good way to rein in the guest list. Right now 5 girls are coming. I think that's a good number. I have some games planned and a pinata at my daughter's request. I am just trying to fill it up with things other than candy (which isn't easy without spending fortune). I found some cute little yo-yo's with hearts on them today - 12 for $1.99 - right up my alley! And I got some lip smackers on sale at Kmart (75% off after Christmas). I am making the cake - it is the Dora one (her head) from the Nick Jr website. I am crossing my fingers that is WILL look like Dora when all is said and done!!
I am going to try to update my blog space - I put the picture up in a hurry - maybe I should look into re-doing it (kind of a New Year's resolution!) It might take me some time but I see so many really cute blogs and I want mine to be like that!!
I am off to make some Bagel Bites (did I mention that I am not a gourmet cook?) for my daughter for dinner and let her eat them while she watches the 'Backyardigans' movie. (This is not the norm for us - we do usually eat at the table -for the record!) She has been talking about it for days. My husband had a late lunch and claims he isn't hungry but I am sure when he smells that good cookin' he'll want some Bagel Bites, too.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

They grow up so fast...

Eighteen weeks into kindergarten and she decides she can do her homework by herself (the fact that they have homework in K is a whole different post!) My daughter has a homework sheet that comes home each day - the same sheet for a week. Each week a couple things change but it's basically sounding out words, sight words, nonsense words, etc. We finished her sheet before dinner and she started working on her 'family tree' (yes, more homework). She wasn't quite finished with putting the pictures on the family tree so we ate and she resumed her work after dinner. When it came time to write the names next to the pictures she did that all by herself (except for asking how to spell Grandma & Grandpa). AND she did not want me looking over her shoulder at all. She finished her family tree on her own & then proceeded to take out her homework sheet and do the entire thing a second time on her own. She was at the dining room table and I was in the kitchen washing the dishes so I could hear everything. WOW! It is amazing what they have learned in such a short time. I was really proud of her. And, yes, there is a dog on our family tree. The teacher said they could put siblings as 'apples' on the ground so my daughter asked if she could put her dog on there as her sister.
Well, I am certainly up later than I wanted to be. Of course, an hour was spent watching 'Supernanny'. I haven't watched it in ages but this one was pretty good. It was the first one I remember where the parents actually follow through. I wonder where they are now... Even with watching that, I wonder what happened to the nine o'clock hour. It seems like it was 9 and then, boom, it was 10. So, I am off to bed now. Tomorrow I volunteer in my daughter's class room. It is my first time since they have been back from Christmas break. She is always so thrilled to have me there and I do enjoy it. Tomorrow they have a 'perfect attendance' assembly for attendance during the 1st semester. I am not sure if the kindergarteners go to it or not. Of course, I don't see the need for it. I mean, aren't they supposed to come to school everyday??? I think I am just too old fashioned (or maybe just too old -haha).
Sweet dreams....

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Well, even though I am STILL getting all the Christmas decorations put away I am also working on my daughter's birthday party. I have been making invitations (all sent out, I think-see below), ordering the 'party in a box' from Birthday Express - you have to love that! Well, I am finding that 3 girls cannot come to the party which means I need to invite more girls - I only invited 6 which is okay - I want a small party. Every other year I have always had all the invitees show up with the exception of one last year who got the flu the day before the bash. Of course, the year I keep it small this happens! Last year I attemped to keep it small and siblings showed up! Which is why I am just inviting only children this year - just kidding! I am going to add the girls in her Daisy scouts (4 more - 2 of which I doubt will come) and a friend from church. I still have almost 2 weeks. Watch it backfire & ALL of them show up. I just don't want my daughter to feel bad. So, I will be making some more invitations tonight and will pray it all works out! Look at this cute pinata I got:
Luckily, it is the kind with the strings you pull at the bottom to release the goodies. I can't imagine them hitting her with a bat! Here's hoping that this party is well (but not too well) attended.
I am off the pick my daughter up from a play date and take here to hockey practice. As usual, I expected to get WAY more done while she was gone. Tomorrow school starts again so I should be able to catch up from Christmas vacation. Famous last words....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Music to my ears...

This morning my daughter and I were making 'oatmeal cookie pancakes' (we saw Rachael Ray make them yesterday - I got the recipe from the food network website). I thought they looked good plus they had lots of healthy ingredients - granted, there was the usual white flour and butter, but there was also rolled oats, bananas, raisins & walnuts. They were 'delish' - as Rachael would say. I gave my daughter a small bowl of syrup to dip the pancakes in and after a few bites she said "Mom , you can take this syrup, I don't need it." She has a ravenous sweet tooth so this was indeed music to my ears!

Speaking of the kitchen, my countertops are FINALLY almost cleared off. After all the company, meals, cookies, pies, etc this is a big feat. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see the counter again without moving things around. We are down to a half a pie and a few m&m's. All those sweets are gone. Thankfully, since I have a big sweet tooth too. I love to bake at Christmas though so as much as I don't need anything it's hard to resist 'testing' everything.

Also, in the kitchen... I am in need of a new skillet. Everytime I use it I say the same thing. I have a non-stick one now and it was great at first but now everything sticks - even with EVOO. Could be operater error, I know, but it's the 3rd one I have had this problem with. Will be on line later checking things out to see what I can find.

I am off to balance the checkbook (how fun) and do a few things in my office. Then later I will take my daughter to the park to meet a friend - her reward for being good while I am on the computer.