I got tagged...

I was tagged by Kellie @ Acorn Cottage. I am not sure I was ready for this - but thanks for including me! Here goes...

4 Jobs I have had

Summer school secretary-during college - very, very, boring - I remember making copies & trying to stay awake - haha. Luckily it was only for about 6 weeks!
Sales person in a small boutique-in high school - again very boring - except when I got to change the mannequins.
Boutique manager-my first job after college - not boring - I worked my tail off & and made not much $$$. I sure learned alot though.
Retail buyer-my most favorite job & the one I had when I met my husband (he worked for the same company.)

4 movies to watch over & over
The Sound of Music
Baby Boom
Bring it on
Sweet Home Alabama

4 places I have lived

North Carolina
Washington State

4 people I email daily

My sister - and I know she wishes I would stop!

That's really it.

4 favorite things to eat

Soft shell crabs
Ice cream
Good & Plenty - is that really a food or just candy???

4 places I would rather be

Park City, Utah
hmmm.. not sure of another one.

4 things I look forward to this year

Our summer trip to Quebec (my first time!)
My family staying healthy
getting more scrapbooking done!
Summer vacation - my daughter will be out of school

4 People I will tag

I hate to end this here, but I don't really know anyone else to tag at this point.

Thanks again to Kellie. This was fun. Makes you think about things you might not think about on a daily basis.

I am off now to work on one of the things I look forward to this year - I am going to a friend's house to scrapbook!! yahoo....


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