A warning...

To all moms and dads who get asked by their little ones to go to Build -a- Bear Workshop - don't do it!! You will be sorry and broke! haha We held off for a LONG time but a couple of years ago my daughter 'stuffed' her first animal, a pink poodle. This year was what I call her Build a Bear (BAB) birthday. She got outfits (which she can hang in her bear armoire that my MIL got her for Christmas), a little purse, and a couple of gift cards. She, of course, was thrilled.

We went out of town this weekend (luckily we don't have a BAB where we live!) and took her to the mall to spend her gift cards. Did I mention that we also had a $10 gift certificate from her 'stuff for stuff' membership (read: we spent enough money to get that) & a $5 birthday certificate from the folks at BAB? If you get caught up in this you should definitely sign up for a stuff for stuff card - it is totally worth it. Here is what my daughter got with her cards.
Isn't she cute? She named her Harley - I am not sure where that came from. She is just thrilled with her new purchase & had so much fun getting her outfit & shoes. So, we now have another stuffed animal living with us!
We had some badly needed rain yesterday so today it's still a little damp, not to mention cold. I will be glad when spring is here although I know that we have it better than those of you in the Northern States. My sister who lives in Utah has no sympathy for me when I mention that it has gotten into the 30's at night. They haven't seen the 30's during the day in a while! I have to say that this cold weather has allowed me to get my money's worth out of my 'faux' Uggs. A $20 well spent! :) I just cannot justify the outlay for real Uggs at this point in my life (trying to save for college and all) - but it's OK with me!
Well, I need to run. My daughter will be home in a few and I have to tie up a few loose ends before she gets here....


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