Well, even though I am STILL getting all the Christmas decorations put away I am also working on my daughter's birthday party. I have been making invitations (all sent out, I think-see below), ordering the 'party in a box' from Birthday Express - you have to love that! Well, I am finding that 3 girls cannot come to the party which means I need to invite more girls - I only invited 6 which is okay - I want a small party. Every other year I have always had all the invitees show up with the exception of one last year who got the flu the day before the bash. Of course, the year I keep it small this happens! Last year I attemped to keep it small and siblings showed up! Which is why I am just inviting only children this year - just kidding! I am going to add the girls in her Daisy scouts (4 more - 2 of which I doubt will come) and a friend from church. I still have almost 2 weeks. Watch it backfire & ALL of them show up. I just don't want my daughter to feel bad. So, I will be making some more invitations tonight and will pray it all works out! Look at this cute pinata I got:
Luckily, it is the kind with the strings you pull at the bottom to release the goodies. I can't imagine them hitting her with a bat! Here's hoping that this party is well (but not too well) attended.
I am off the pick my daughter up from a play date and take here to hockey practice. As usual, I expected to get WAY more done while she was gone. Tomorrow school starts again so I should be able to catch up from Christmas vacation. Famous last words....


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