I knew her when...

We repainted my daughter's playroom over Christmas vacation and we are slowly getting things on the wall. One thing I wanted to do was have her paint something on canvas to put on the wall. She did it over the weekend and it is now dry and hung up. So, when she is a famous artist...haha!! I thought it turned out cute and she was so excited to hang it up.
We are having her birthday party on Saturday so the playroom will be ready to be played in when the girls have 'free time' (as she put it). I am only inviting girls to the party. I am kind of torn since she has some friends that are boys but the parties were getting out of hand so I thought this was a good way to rein in the guest list. Right now 5 girls are coming. I think that's a good number. I have some games planned and a pinata at my daughter's request. I am just trying to fill it up with things other than candy (which isn't easy without spending fortune). I found some cute little yo-yo's with hearts on them today - 12 for $1.99 - right up my alley! And I got some lip smackers on sale at Kmart (75% off after Christmas). I am making the cake - it is the Dora one (her head) from the Nick Jr website. I am crossing my fingers that is WILL look like Dora when all is said and done!!
I am going to try to update my blog space - I put the picture up in a hurry - maybe I should look into re-doing it (kind of a New Year's resolution!) It might take me some time but I see so many really cute blogs and I want mine to be like that!!
I am off to make some Bagel Bites (did I mention that I am not a gourmet cook?) for my daughter for dinner and let her eat them while she watches the 'Backyardigans' movie. (This is not the norm for us - we do usually eat at the table -for the record!) She has been talking about it for days. My husband had a late lunch and claims he isn't hungry but I am sure when he smells that good cookin' he'll want some Bagel Bites, too.


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