Music to my ears...

This morning my daughter and I were making 'oatmeal cookie pancakes' (we saw Rachael Ray make them yesterday - I got the recipe from the food network website). I thought they looked good plus they had lots of healthy ingredients - granted, there was the usual white flour and butter, but there was also rolled oats, bananas, raisins & walnuts. They were 'delish' - as Rachael would say. I gave my daughter a small bowl of syrup to dip the pancakes in and after a few bites she said "Mom , you can take this syrup, I don't need it." She has a ravenous sweet tooth so this was indeed music to my ears!

Speaking of the kitchen, my countertops are FINALLY almost cleared off. After all the company, meals, cookies, pies, etc this is a big feat. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see the counter again without moving things around. We are down to a half a pie and a few m&m's. All those sweets are gone. Thankfully, since I have a big sweet tooth too. I love to bake at Christmas though so as much as I don't need anything it's hard to resist 'testing' everything.

Also, in the kitchen... I am in need of a new skillet. Everytime I use it I say the same thing. I have a non-stick one now and it was great at first but now everything sticks - even with EVOO. Could be operater error, I know, but it's the 3rd one I have had this problem with. Will be on line later checking things out to see what I can find.

I am off to balance the checkbook (how fun) and do a few things in my office. Then later I will take my daughter to the park to meet a friend - her reward for being good while I am on the computer.


Laurie Anne said…
I know what you mean about the nonstick pans sticking. I finally replaced my old one with a Cuisinart skillet and I LOVE it. I think the trick in never to use soap on it. When you're done, just wash with hot water and wipe it out. I also put just a drop of oil and rub it in with a paper towel to keep it "seasoned". Good Luck :0)

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