Going Green

Well, isn't that the buzz word (or phrase) these days? Although I am not what I affectionately call a 'tree hugger', I am beginning to be more and more like one these days. It's not a bad thing - I feel good about what I am doing. Alot of people I know say "we're only one family, how much difference can we make?" It is so easy to think like that. But what I do know is that the 'green' things I do for my family DO make some difference, they are better for us, and they make me feel good (and isn't that what it's all about?? - haha).

The whole reason for this 'green' post is to relay a little story about my husband. First off you should know that sometimes he thinks I am crazy. All these little things I do - the organic milk and produce, recycled trash bags, non-toxic house cleaners, etc. - I know he wonders 'why?" A while back, I bought the reusable shopping bags at the grocery store so I don't have to keep bringing home the plastic ones. On Saturday, I sent my husband & daughter out to the grocery store to get a couple of things for the party. I also gave him a shopping bag. When they came back he had a different shopping bag - they went to a store that we usually don't go to. I said to him "oh, you bought a shopping bag". He said, "I left the other one in the car so I bought this one since I wasn't bringing a plastic bag in the house." I guess he really does listen to me!!

So, I wonder what are other people doing (if anything) to be more green? We have always used cloth napkins - my family really doesn't know any different & if we do ever have paper ones they ask what's going on. I try to use non-toxic house cleaners - vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice. Although I have to admit that I love the smell of the white towels just out of the dryer with that faint clorox smell. I am working on that! I am starting to use the compact flourescent bulbs but I am getting resistance from the husband (they are not bright enough). We don't drink soda so we have no cans or bottles to recycle (we do have the occasional beer cans & a plastic bottle or two after a party). I have started using this 'Seventh Generation" stuff & have liked everything so far. Supposedly you can get it at Target - we have a Target opening in March (can't wait!). In the meantime, I have been getting it at drugstore.com.
Well, it's back to school tomorrow so I am off the monitor my daughter's bath. I plan on it being a short one so she can get to bed on time. We had a fun day and were busy so she should be pretty tired.....


Kellie said…
You're tagged! Visit my blog to find out what to do!
Thirkellgirl said…
Kellie at Acorn Cottage sent me over! I like your blog! Although I'm not a kindred spirit in the non-toxic-cleaning realm, I think we have a lot in common. Come visit me, too!
Laurie Anne said…
We are trying to go green as well. The hardest part seems to remember the cloth bags when I go to the store :0)
*carrie* said…

Nice to meet you. I just sent you an invite to join my Green Team. I'm so glad you wrote this post--we all have to start somewhere and it's so motivating to inspire one another.

That is so great that your husband refused to bring a plastic bag home!

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