Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great day..

Isn't this a cool picture? We went up to the mountains this morning for the day to meet our friends who have a cabin up there (lucky ducks- maybe one day...) It is only an hour drive and it's like a different world. We went to brunch at the 'lodge' up there. It was yummy and the cinnamon rolls were fab!! While we were eating, 2 elk came right up to the dining room window. All the kids went over to get a closer look. I was so happy I remembered my camera so I could get this picture of my daughter looking at the elk. It is such a fun experience for the kids (not bad for the adults either). With so much tv, video, computers, etc it's nice to get out in nature. I love that even with the buildings and humans that the animals just roam around. Besides the elk we saw deer, lizards, rabbits, blue birds, woodpeckers. The kids had fun playing outside - just running around and looking at things. So simple. What a great day.

I got this picture as we were walking into the restaraunt. It is my husband and daughter (she's the little one) and my husband's friend and his 13 yr old daughter. I love the girls walking with their dads. It's so sweet. And they are two great dads who love their girls. I love to catch people from the back, too. It is so natural. I would love to do a whole scrapbook of shots from behind one day.
After we got home we caught the end of the Davidson/Kansas game. I love to watch college basketball but just don't do it too much anymore. I was bummed that Davidson lost. I always love an underdog. But they played a good game.
Well, I am off to read a bit and hit the sack. It's been a busy weekend so I am tired - a good tired. And I am anticipating a really busy week...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My 15 minutes of fame...

I just got back from my debut on the local radio talk show. I went to talk about the garage sale our hockey league is holding this weekend. What fun that was! The guys who do the show are really funny (I listen to them alot) so it was fun to be on the 'inside'. I even got to stay when my segment was over AND they let me talk!! The topic was the standardized tests that they do in the public schools here. Kind of controversial. But as so many times happens the topic just kinds of blossoms - we ended up talking about how so many kids don't get enough sleep or good breakfasts, making it hard to learn. A real passion of mine. Especially now seeing the kids in my daughter's class that are yawning by 8:30 or hungry even before then. I gave them my card and told them that if they ever needed to have an extra mouth on air to give me a call!

After I got home I got a phone call from Lands End regarding my return. I posted a while back on trying to find jeans for my daughter. Well, I loved the jeans they had but the sizes (3 of them) didn't work. I think I have nailed down the right size now but it is getting warm here in AZ so she won't wear jeans for a few months now. So, they just called to see if they could help me with anything. I figured they were just determining whether or not I was really crazy for buying 3 sizes of the same things. But that wasn't the case. I thought that was so very nice, especially in this day and age of poor customer service. So, kudos to Lands End!

My husband is having a vasectomy today. I am sure he appreciates me telling everyone! One friend called me today to wish him luck! Her husband has been through it before and she said mine could call if he had any questions. Poor guy! I don't know about anyone else but my husband is quite the baby when sick. I sure hope he doesn't act like that after this. :) He will be home tomorrow from work but I am at my daughter's school. You know how it is when they're home - it's nice to have them but if kind of disrupts the routine. I am sure he'll be fine tomorrow camped in front of ESPN.

I am off to the doctor's now...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday...

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Ours was really nice and pretty quiet. I made breakfast for my family: eggs, sausage, cinnamon rolls and fruit. I haven't really 'cooked' a breakfast in a while so it was nice. We usually just do the cereal and fruit thing on school days and usually weekend mornings find us out of the house early, too. Since we went to church on Saturday evening we had our Sunday morning free. Very nice!

We went to my parent's for an Easter Egg hunt at about 11:30 and then came home and had dinner here. Some friends came over and brought with them a huge Easter basket for my daughter. They don't have any kids so this was really fun for them. There were alot of fun games in there along with some candy & a really cute, soft bunny. Since the Easter bunny didn't really go too wild on candy the extra isn't totally a bad thing.

My tulips I picked up for Sunday (pictured above) really bloomed nicely just in time, on Sunday. The picture actually doesn't do justice to how beautiful they look in 'real life'. I always enjoy having fresh flowers, although I just don't buy them often enough. I try to budget for them in my food budget but sometimes we just need more food!

I am amazed everyday at the funny things kids say. Yesterday my husband was cleaning the grill & left the TV on when he went out. I decided to turn it to one of the XM radio channels we get and found the "Oprah and friends" network. I have never listened so thought I would give it a whirl as I cleaned the kitchen. Peter Walsh (the organizer from 'Clean Sweep') and author of this book has a show that I decided to listen to. Great show by the way.
My husband walked in and looked at the channel and said
"Who is Peter Walsh?"
DAUGHTER: "He's a news man."
ME: No, that's Peter Jennings. Peter Walsh is the man on 'Clean Sweep' who helps people de-clutter and organize their homes."
DAUGHTER: Oh, we need him.
EXCUSE ME??? Now, I have to admit that spring cleaning is in order but I actually feel REALLY good when I watch those shows and see what these people live like. So spring cleaning is on the schedule to start this week. I am even going to sign up on Monica's blog: A little accountability can't hurt!
Now you may wonder "How does a six year old know about Peter Jennings?" I watch alot of news and of course she can't really watch it with me so I will say 'Mom is going to watch the news while you play in your room for 30 minutes'. This has been going on for a while - back to when Peter Jennings was still alive and on ABC World News Tonight. So I guess she remembers his name.
Time for my daughter to head to bed so we will get her books out and then mom and dad can watch some sitcoms. I just love Monday nights - & all new shows this week...

Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Look (kind of)...

I have been wanting to add some things to my blog for some time now I just haven't done it. So I started tonight. I added links to some of my favorite blogs & I am sure I will add more as time goes on. If I have added anyone that doesn't want to be added please let me know & I will remove the link. I am sure I will add other things later that interest me & maybe someone else, too.

Gosh, we have a busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow I have to grocery shop for Easter Sunday - not that much to get for that day but I also have the rest of the week to think of. I am off to make my list after I am done here. I just finished boiling the eggs so we can dye them tomorrow. My husband told me the new neighbors invited us over tomorrow for a party but he doesn't know what time. hmmm... Wonder if we will be able to work that in? We are going to church tomorrow evening as a family - a partially reluctant family. I told my husband it is our date night! My daughter is going but only for a while. My friend's daughter who is 16 will bring her home about 8. Of course, the husbands are offering to help her so they can leave early too! Once a year men, once a year. Well, maybe twice. :)

Sunday should be a nice relaxing day. We will have a nice breakfast and then go to my parent's for an Easter Egg hunt. My daughter loves this tradition. Then we will have dinner here. Not your traditional Easter dinner though. My dad and husband have requested Carne Asada so Carne Asada it is (with all the 'fixins').

These are the eggs we colored a week or so ago. I don't think I ever posted the picture. My daughter did them with paint, sponges and brushes. Some of them look kind of like marble although it's hard to tell. Tomorrow's eggs are the traditional dyed ones that we will end up eating. Yum-o as Rachael Ray would say!

I am off to make that shopping list. Happy Easter to everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


We are home. Long week, like I said in the last post. It was good to get home, of course. My daughter was sooo happy to see her dad (me too!) I am glad he was already home from work when we got here.

I wonder if all the paper in my office gave birth while I was gone? It sure seems like it. I am just overwhelmed with all that needs to be done now. So much laundry - I have my husband's work clothes in the dryer now so he has stuff to wear tomorrow (one day I will share the story of why he doesn't do laundry). I haven't even touched the stuff in our suitcases - well I have emptied it but not washed it. Tomorrow I will start. I have much to do in the morning tomorrow before my daughter and I meet my husband for lunch. My daughter has been on spring break all week - they go back on Monday. I think she will be ready then.

My husband just mentioned how clean the house was until this afternoon! I told him that he and the dog are much neater than my daughter and me!

Speaking of the dog... she fell in the pool tonight. Poor thing. She did it about a month ago too. My daughter came to me and said she thought she heard Montana but didn't know where she was and wondered if she fell in the pool again. The dog is usually really quiet but she was whining this horrible whine. Needless to say, the house was wet for a while. But the dog is fine - it's so sad - she can't hear very well and we are thinking that the eyesight is going too. She has only fallen in the pool when it has been dark so we think she just walks in because she can't see. She is not a water dog at all; has never liked to swim or even go out in the rain. So the doggy door is closed until daylight.

I hope to post some pictures again soon. I am having problems downloading them - I am sure it is operator error since I see that others have pictures on their blogs. I need to sit down and figure it out when I have time to do it and I am not tired. Hopefully soon.

I am of to pay some bills and go to bed. Oh, and I have to get the laundry out of the dryer..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Spring!

It has been a long winter so tomorrow will be a welcome day. Spring is here!

My daughter & I have been out of town visiting my grandparents. We are headed home tomorrow. YIPPEE!! It has been a long week; very exhausting running from house to house to visit, all while trying to keep the six year old occupied. We have had some fun, don't get me wrong. A little shopping, of course, and some trips to the park for my daughter. We have had great weather.

I got my daughter a little white sweater for her Easter dress - just in case it is cold or if the AC is blasting at church. It is really cute & I think she will get a lot of use out of it. My mom got her some tops & a short & top set. I think that most of her things from last summer will be too small so we will start all over again. I am hoping the growing slows down a bit soon. In 2006 & the first half of 2007 she went through shoes like crazy. That has slowed down alot so I am assuming the clothing will slow down too.

I am watching 'Supernanny' right now & all I can say is "are these people for real?" They just have to be actors - I can't believe people live like that!

I am so excited to put together my daughter's easter basket. We got this little 'basket' from Pottery Barn Kids - it is pink canvas w/ white polkadots. Really cute. We like to get things other than real baskets sometimes since they are good storage for later on! I will try not to eat all the candy while I am putting the basket together!! :)

Well, I am off to bed so I will be ready for the drive home...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a pretty dress...

I got my daughter's Easter dress a while back and I am so in love with it! I hope she likes it as much. I am having problems uploading the picture (operator error, I am sure!). I splurged on it which I haven't done in her last 6 Easters so I was okay with that -- we still have money to eat with - haha (more on that later). I will try to get the picture uploaded as I am sure anyone reading this is on the edge of their seats.

Regarding eating: I have NO IDEA what we are having for dinner. I have about 30 minutes to figure it out. Yikes. Usually, I have it figured out in the morning but I don't know what happened today. I am tempted just to do spaghetti but we just had that and my husband mentioned that he is sick of it (can't imagine why!) So I am off to check a few websites for inspiration and poke around in the pantry to see what I come up with. My daughter suggested candy - don't I wish. :)

I was in my daughter's class all day today so I am totally behind at home. I am usually beat at night after being there but I hope I can be productive tonight. We'll see..

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thank you, Eliot Spitzer...

As I was driving my daughter home from school today, listening to Sean Hannity (as I usually do), the topic was Eliot Spitzer.  After listening for a moment I realized that I needed to change the channel as I didn't want my daugter or her friend to ask, "What is a hooker?" from the back seat.  Not a conversation that I would like to have with a 6 year old.

 My heart goes out to his poor teenage daughters; what type of message does this send them? 

A.  It's okay to cheat on your spouse.

B.  It's okay to do something illegal.

C.  It's okay to fritter away our college fund while you cheat on our mom.

D.  All of the above.

God Bless this family as they go through this horrible time. 
Now, I am off the look for those Wiggles CD's until this blows over...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

If it's windy, it must be Sunday...

Last Sunday we had horrible winds all day - 40 miles an hour or so. Just miserable to be outside. Today I get up and hear that horrible shriek all over again. I was dreading getting dressed and going to church in it yet again. I decided not to wear a dress (last week's mistake - 'it won't be that bad' I said to myself -HA!). Today ended up not to be quite as bad as last week, thankfully. We generally have fabulous weather but when the winds kick up, watch out!!

Thank you Kellie, Laurie & Lisa to your nice comments on my fundraising post. After I re-read it I thought it was a little harsh & and I was feeling like a Scrooge. I am so glad that I am not alone but at the same time I am sorry that others have the same issues. If that makes any sense!!

I don't know if anyone reads "O" magazine or not. I don't subscribe but probably get an issue a year. I bought the March issue (the one with Oprah wearing green - how festive!) There was a great article on a 30 day 'de-tox' from email. What a great idea! I don't get too much exciting email but I get a good bit of junk, I mean stuff, that I really don't have the time to read but I still do. I am not sure if I can do 30 days but I haven't checked it since Friday so I'll see how long I can go. I would like to eventually have the discipline to just delete the stuff I know is not pertinent to my life and read the real letters from friends, open the 2 bill alerts I get and move on. We'll see. I am trying to really carve out more time for myself - I have a pile of books I want to read and a list I want to get but won't until I think I can read them. I actually started a book I have had for about 6 months last night and I am going to try to get in bed earlier to have time to read more. I usually fall asleep after about a 1/2 page - that's what happens to me at 11pm!

Today after church my daughter and I decorated eggs. Actually she did all the decorating. We blew the yoke out of the eggs then painted them. She has been wanting to do this for awhile. She painted them all and they look really cute. They almost have a marble effect to them. We also made a few Easter cards to send to family. I used the 'cricut' die cutter for one which turned out great. It was for my mother in law. I had my daughter sign the inside - she drew a picture of a dog and then signed her name and my husband's but not mine. I am not sure why she did this but I will have to sneak my signature in there. :)

Well, I am off to bed and to read...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Yes, in kindergarten. Something comes home almost weekly, sometimes more, for a contribution, fundraising event, selling of something to help someone. And this is in a public school. I would expect it in a private school but I am really blown away at how much we have been asked to donate to. All I can think is '12 more years of this?'

Now, let me make it clear that I am not stingy. We donate to causes we find worthwhile but I feel like the school is nickel and diming us to death. We just had a 'Jump Rope for the Heart' at the end of February. This is one of the causes that is near and dear to us so we were excited to be involved. My daughter jumped her heart out and raised a nice amount for the American Heart Association. We asked our friends and family for donations and they were all so generous. Now we have another 'a-thon' coming up. If everyone in the class donates there will be an ice cream party for the kids. So, I feel the pressure. I don't want my daughter to be the reason the class doesn't get the party. I will donate, but under protest. And I really don't feel I can ask my friends and family so soon for more $$. By the way, this is also a very worthwhile cause, of course. Plus this week we got the Scholastic book orders sent home this week. I always buy books because I think books are really important and it earns books for the classroom - more pressure for me.

I know that my husband says to 'just say no' but it's hard when your kids are involved. We even just had a discussion about limiting the # of organizations we donate to. The $ amount won't change but instead of a few dollars here and there we want to make more of an impact with a few organizations.

We are also in a school district that requires you to bring in school supplies (including copy paper) to 'share'. Now I understand there are kids that have deadbeat parents (for lack of a better term) and they should not have to do without school supplies. But in our class as I am sure in all the others in the country - it's always the same parents that help and contribute. I am certainly not against helping people out - even if it sounds like it - but I just wonder what our taxes pay for. I mean I don't think copy paper or crayons are 'extras'. I could go on and on about this one but will save any poor souls who are reading this.

In the meantime, I am off to order Scholastic books and figure out how much to give to the latest 'a-thon'. I just don't remember all this when I was younger. I know it's been a few years but still....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Interesting observation...

I was watching "Leave it to Beaver" this morning (does anyone else do that? It is one of my all time favorite shows). It was the episode where Beaver rips his good pants and then lies about how it happened (an idea planted by Eddie Haskell, of course). Ward and June punished him by having him stay in his room all afternoon by himself. When they were leaving the room for him to start his punishment June went back in and asked Beaver if he understood why he was being punished. It was for lying & they started talking about God and that he could see us no matter where we were and knew what we were doing and saying. It was really sweet and done in a way that kids could really 'get it'. I started thinking how that would NEVER happen on TV today. It is a sad statement of how much society has changed since the 50's (and not for the better, in my humble opinion). It seems like sitcoms in the 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's really were learning tools for so many of us but that has changed so much. There aren't really any sitcoms now that young kids can watch. And God has been taken out of so much. And no matter what your religious viewpoint is I really think it's nice to know there is a higher power out there. I will keep my eyes out for that episode so I can Tivo it next time so my daughter can watch it. She gets a kick out of the older shows. She especially likes 'The Brady Bunch'. I learned alot from that show ('Mom always said don't play ball in the house', 'Quitters never win and winners never quit' - just to name a couple).

I guess we will never go back to a more simple, innocent time. It's hard to raise kids now. But I am sure there were different challenges when we were young. I just try my best, keep my daughter close by me as much as I can, and I really, really try to set a good example although some days are easier than others. :)