Easter Monday...

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Ours was really nice and pretty quiet. I made breakfast for my family: eggs, sausage, cinnamon rolls and fruit. I haven't really 'cooked' a breakfast in a while so it was nice. We usually just do the cereal and fruit thing on school days and usually weekend mornings find us out of the house early, too. Since we went to church on Saturday evening we had our Sunday morning free. Very nice!

We went to my parent's for an Easter Egg hunt at about 11:30 and then came home and had dinner here. Some friends came over and brought with them a huge Easter basket for my daughter. They don't have any kids so this was really fun for them. There were alot of fun games in there along with some candy & a really cute, soft bunny. Since the Easter bunny didn't really go too wild on candy the extra isn't totally a bad thing.

My tulips I picked up for Sunday (pictured above) really bloomed nicely just in time, on Sunday. The picture actually doesn't do justice to how beautiful they look in 'real life'. I always enjoy having fresh flowers, although I just don't buy them often enough. I try to budget for them in my food budget but sometimes we just need more food!

I am amazed everyday at the funny things kids say. Yesterday my husband was cleaning the grill & left the TV on when he went out. I decided to turn it to one of the XM radio channels we get and found the "Oprah and friends" network. I have never listened so thought I would give it a whirl as I cleaned the kitchen. Peter Walsh (the organizer from 'Clean Sweep') and author of this book has a show that I decided to listen to. Great show by the way.
My husband walked in and looked at the channel and said
"Who is Peter Walsh?"
DAUGHTER: "He's a news man."
ME: No, that's Peter Jennings. Peter Walsh is the man on 'Clean Sweep' who helps people de-clutter and organize their homes."
DAUGHTER: Oh, we need him.
EXCUSE ME??? Now, I have to admit that spring cleaning is in order but I actually feel REALLY good when I watch those shows and see what these people live like. So spring cleaning is on the schedule to start this week. I am even going to sign up on Monica's blog: http://thehomespunheart.blogspot.com. A little accountability can't hurt!
Now you may wonder "How does a six year old know about Peter Jennings?" I watch alot of news and of course she can't really watch it with me so I will say 'Mom is going to watch the news while you play in your room for 30 minutes'. This has been going on for a while - back to when Peter Jennings was still alive and on ABC World News Tonight. So I guess she remembers his name.
Time for my daughter to head to bed so we will get her books out and then mom and dad can watch some sitcoms. I just love Monday nights - & all new shows this week...


Laurie Anne said…
Yesterday, Sammie (5) rattled off a list of things "I" needed to do to make the house clean. Interestingly enough, her list consisted of mostly "her" messes.
We had a sunny day yesterday and it is amazing what a little sunshine can do to boost the moral for cleaning. Good luck!! :0)
*carrie* said…
What a funny quote from your daughter! I enjoyed watching Peter Walsh at work on Clean Sweep. I hope my house will never warrant that kind of attack, but I think he does a good job of helping people get to the root of the issue!
Kellie said…
I love Peter Walsh and his wisdom... But I love it that your daughter knows about Peter Jennings. That reminds me of my daughter!

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