Happy Spring!

It has been a long winter so tomorrow will be a welcome day. Spring is here!

My daughter & I have been out of town visiting my grandparents. We are headed home tomorrow. YIPPEE!! It has been a long week; very exhausting running from house to house to visit, all while trying to keep the six year old occupied. We have had some fun, don't get me wrong. A little shopping, of course, and some trips to the park for my daughter. We have had great weather.

I got my daughter a little white sweater for her Easter dress - just in case it is cold or if the AC is blasting at church. It is really cute & I think she will get a lot of use out of it. My mom got her some tops & a short & top set. I think that most of her things from last summer will be too small so we will start all over again. I am hoping the growing slows down a bit soon. In 2006 & the first half of 2007 she went through shoes like crazy. That has slowed down alot so I am assuming the clothing will slow down too.

I am watching 'Supernanny' right now & all I can say is "are these people for real?" They just have to be actors - I can't believe people live like that!

I am so excited to put together my daughter's easter basket. We got this little 'basket' from Pottery Barn Kids - it is pink canvas w/ white polkadots. Really cute. We like to get things other than real baskets sometimes since they are good storage for later on! I will try not to eat all the candy while I am putting the basket together!! :)

Well, I am off to bed so I will be ready for the drive home...


Kellie said…
I love those Polka Dot baskets from Pottery Barn! I so wanted the Easter Basket with the polka dot liner for my little one this year, but I didn't want to spend the money on it. I was hoping it would go on sale so I've been checking in the past few weeks... but it's already gone!

We use the same basket every year, but I wanted to get that one and have it be her special basket with her name on it, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. So I'll use last year's basket. She leaves it out on Easter Eve with carrots for the bunny.

Have great day!
Eileen said…
Hi there!
Thank you for posting a comment on my blog.I love reading them:)
You have a lovely blog I will be posting a link of your blog to mine
(If you don't mind of course).

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