A New Look (kind of)...

I have been wanting to add some things to my blog for some time now I just haven't done it. So I started tonight. I added links to some of my favorite blogs & I am sure I will add more as time goes on. If I have added anyone that doesn't want to be added please let me know & I will remove the link. I am sure I will add other things later that interest me & maybe someone else, too.

Gosh, we have a busy weekend coming up. Tomorrow I have to grocery shop for Easter Sunday - not that much to get for that day but I also have the rest of the week to think of. I am off to make my list after I am done here. I just finished boiling the eggs so we can dye them tomorrow. My husband told me the new neighbors invited us over tomorrow for a party but he doesn't know what time. hmmm... Wonder if we will be able to work that in? We are going to church tomorrow evening as a family - a partially reluctant family. I told my husband it is our date night! My daughter is going but only for a while. My friend's daughter who is 16 will bring her home about 8. Of course, the husbands are offering to help her so they can leave early too! Once a year men, once a year. Well, maybe twice. :)

Sunday should be a nice relaxing day. We will have a nice breakfast and then go to my parent's for an Easter Egg hunt. My daughter loves this tradition. Then we will have dinner here. Not your traditional Easter dinner though. My dad and husband have requested Carne Asada so Carne Asada it is (with all the 'fixins').

These are the eggs we colored a week or so ago. I don't think I ever posted the picture. My daughter did them with paint, sponges and brushes. Some of them look kind of like marble although it's hard to tell. Tomorrow's eggs are the traditional dyed ones that we will end up eating. Yum-o as Rachael Ray would say!

I am off to make that shopping list. Happy Easter to everyone!


Eileen said…
Sounds like your Easter weekend is going well so far.Have a happy Easter!

*carrie* said…

Thanks for the link! Those eggs are beautiful. Enjoy your special Easter dinner and time with family!

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