We are home. Long week, like I said in the last post. It was good to get home, of course. My daughter was sooo happy to see her dad (me too!) I am glad he was already home from work when we got here.

I wonder if all the paper in my office gave birth while I was gone? It sure seems like it. I am just overwhelmed with all that needs to be done now. So much laundry - I have my husband's work clothes in the dryer now so he has stuff to wear tomorrow (one day I will share the story of why he doesn't do laundry). I haven't even touched the stuff in our suitcases - well I have emptied it but not washed it. Tomorrow I will start. I have much to do in the morning tomorrow before my daughter and I meet my husband for lunch. My daughter has been on spring break all week - they go back on Monday. I think she will be ready then.

My husband just mentioned how clean the house was until this afternoon! I told him that he and the dog are much neater than my daughter and me!

Speaking of the dog... she fell in the pool tonight. Poor thing. She did it about a month ago too. My daughter came to me and said she thought she heard Montana but didn't know where she was and wondered if she fell in the pool again. The dog is usually really quiet but she was whining this horrible whine. Needless to say, the house was wet for a while. But the dog is fine - it's so sad - she can't hear very well and we are thinking that the eyesight is going too. She has only fallen in the pool when it has been dark so we think she just walks in because she can't see. She is not a water dog at all; has never liked to swim or even go out in the rain. So the doggy door is closed until daylight.

I hope to post some pictures again soon. I am having problems downloading them - I am sure it is operator error since I see that others have pictures on their blogs. I need to sit down and figure it out when I have time to do it and I am not tired. Hopefully soon.

I am of to pay some bills and go to bed. Oh, and I have to get the laundry out of the dryer..


Laurie Anne said…
Sometimes you need a vacation to recover from a vacation (I know I do) Good luck with the laundry :0)
Kellie said…
You should see the mountain of laundry I have calling my name right now... I too have the weekly load of hubby's 'work' clothes... I wouldn't let him near the washer either.
Eileen said…
Hi Debra!You have such a great blog! I just thoght I would let you know:)I enjoy reading it!P.S. The picture on the side of your page is really pretty! ~ELS~

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