Thank you, Eliot Spitzer...

As I was driving my daughter home from school today, listening to Sean Hannity (as I usually do), the topic was Eliot Spitzer.  After listening for a moment I realized that I needed to change the channel as I didn't want my daugter or her friend to ask, "What is a hooker?" from the back seat.  Not a conversation that I would like to have with a 6 year old.

 My heart goes out to his poor teenage daughters; what type of message does this send them? 

A.  It's okay to cheat on your spouse.

B.  It's okay to do something illegal.

C.  It's okay to fritter away our college fund while you cheat on our mom.

D.  All of the above.

God Bless this family as they go through this horrible time. 
Now, I am off the look for those Wiggles CD's until this blows over...


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