What a pretty dress...

I got my daughter's Easter dress a while back and I am so in love with it! I hope she likes it as much. I am having problems uploading the picture (operator error, I am sure!). I splurged on it which I haven't done in her last 6 Easters so I was okay with that -- we still have money to eat with - haha (more on that later). I will try to get the picture uploaded as I am sure anyone reading this is on the edge of their seats.

Regarding eating: I have NO IDEA what we are having for dinner. I have about 30 minutes to figure it out. Yikes. Usually, I have it figured out in the morning but I don't know what happened today. I am tempted just to do spaghetti but we just had that and my husband mentioned that he is sick of it (can't imagine why!) So I am off to check a few websites for inspiration and poke around in the pantry to see what I come up with. My daughter suggested candy - don't I wish. :)

I was in my daughter's class all day today so I am totally behind at home. I am usually beat at night after being there but I hope I can be productive tonight. We'll see..


Laurie Anne said…
I love to cook for a crowd, it is the everyday dinners that get to me. We seem to eat the same stuff over and over. Do you ever watch 30 minute meals? I have to say that show got me cooking. Even though a lot of her stuff I wouldn't make, it at least offers a starting point for other meals. There is a huge archive from past seasons on the food network site, you should check it out :0)

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