Getting Started...

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
~ Mark Twain

We all know we need to save, especially for retirement, but it's sometimes getting started that is the hardest part.  For most of us, retirement seems soooo far away but the years go by in a flash.  Anyone with a college age child (yet another thing we need to save for) will tell you how fast those first 18 years go by. 

A 401k is a great place to start if your employer (or your spouse's) offers it.  Many companies also match a certain percentage- say you put in 3% of your income your employer will match that.  There's usually a limit so check with your HR department and try to put in up to your company's match.

If a 401k isn't an option check into an IRA. There are limits as to how much you can save in an IRA as well as income limits but it's a great way to save for retirement.

If you need help deciding how you should save for retirement there are loads of books out there (check your local library) & websites to assist you.  If you're looking for a financial adviser ask a friend or relative you trust (and is financially secure) for a recommendation.  There are some unscrupulous people out there so be careful who you trust with your life savings.  Dave Ramsey says you should look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not a salesman.  

Get an idea how much you need to save for retirement using a  retirement calculator - there are many on line - just Google 'retirement calculator.


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