Over the weekend I worked on my version of the 'XO' letters I saw at Tatortots and Jello.  I fell in love with the vintage looking Valentine paper at Hobby Lobby and knew that's what I would use for these letters - even though it was nothing like what I had in my head.  I painted the sides with red craft paint (Tuscan red, that is) instead of using a different paper as I originally had planned.  I mod podged the paper after painting the sides and added some ribbon & a glitter mini-clothespin (which I got at our now closed Michaels).

This is a super easy project and one that the kids can be involved in as well.  It took me about 30 minutes to complete plus drying time (which wasn't more than another 20-30 minutes here in dry Arizona).  And the possibilities for colors, letters and accessories are endless.  It goes way beyond Valentine's Day.

  • Initials for new babies or birthdays.
  • 'Hop' or 'Egg' for Easter.
  • 'Love' for a wedding (or Valentine's Day)
  • 'Boo' for Halloween

It's also a relatively inexpensive project.  I purchased all of the supplies before we started our No Spend Month or they were things I had on hand.  Here's what I bought:

  • Letters - $2.47 each less 30% = $1.73 each
  • Craft Paint - .79 
  • Paper - .59 X 2 sheets less 30% = .41 each
  • Glitter clothes pins - $3.99 for a pack of 12 = .33 each
So I spent $5.40 total for this little project.  And there's still plenty of paint left for other projects.


AmyMak said…
I LOVE this! I must make them now...:) Thanks for the idea - I'm pinning right now!
The Mrs. said…
That is the cutest idea!!!!

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