We're on the downhill slide of our No Spend February.  Just a few more days and we'll be done.  Does this mean we'll go out and buy all those things we wanted to buy but said 'no' to during the last month?  Not hardly.  To be honest, I'll keep these frugal habits for a few more weeks since I'm kind of in the no spending mode. We've done fairly well this month and haven't spent on anything that was not really necessary, have used much of what's in the pantry and have saved a bit more than usual.

It's really easy to put off purchases that are purely wants when you make an effort. And that's really the purpose of a no spend month, in my opinion.  When more thought is put into a purchase,  I usually come to the conclusion that while I may want something I certainly don't need it.  Sometimes I only want it for a little while.

America Saves Week starts on Monday and is the perfect ending to our no spend month.  I'll share some ideas each day on how to save a little extra, kick start retirement or kids college, pay down some debt and share some fabulous resources for making these things happen.  I'm no Dave Ramsey but I'll share what I know and what works for me.


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