The $10,000 vase...

My uncle used to tell a story about a vase he picked up for my aunt in Italy. It is beautiful, tall and was a perfect fit for the dining room so he thought she would love it. The vase itself cost about $100 or so. The vase arrives at home one day and my aunt loves it BUT... the new vase makes the table look shabby, so, voila they are the proud owners of a new dining room table that seats about 8. With the new table and the new vase the china cabinet looks a little worn. You see where this is going. So the new vase was the inspiration for the new dining room table, the new china cabinet and new carpet. The $100 vase has now cost my uncle $10,000!

This is what we are experiencing here right now. We are getting new countertops, we have to get a new faucet, new R/O dispenser, new sink for the wet bar and possibly a new faucet for the wet bar, as well as paint and a few new pieces of tile for the floor. As if that weren't enough my husband thought we needed a new dining room table. This never crossed my mind, even though our old table is over 10 years old. So the new dining room table was delivered today. It is beautiful I must say. It really does look much better. We got it on sale which is always a plus.

My uncle passed away last year so I know he is looking down at us smiling, I mean laughing!


Laurie Anne said…
Isn't that the way it always goes. Can't wait to see some pics of the kitchen :0)

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