Mamma Mia!!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!! I have been waiting for this movie. I have seen the musical 3 times so this is the next thing. It starts today at 2 pm! I think my husband and I will go this weekend. Maybe even tonight. Now, we aren't the types to go to a movie on the opening weekend - not big fans of the crowds. But he tells me last night that it should be okay to go since we are not seeing 'Dark Knight' or 'Hellboy'. I don't think he thinks it will be quite as popular as those. :)
If you are not a fan of Abba you will probably still like the storyline. I have had more than one person say they enjoyed it despite the Abba connection. And if you LOVED Abba then you should really enjoy it.
Well, I am off to look for a babysitter in a while...


~Nan said…
I can't wait to see this movie. Meryl Streep is so great! Nice blog you have here. I'll be back.

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