Kitchen update..

The wet bar sink is still not in but the cabinet guys are coming tomorrow morning to put the counter in the hallway and put the slide outs in the pantry. Hopefully they are bringing the missing backsplash for the kitchen and I can post those pictures. The sink still might come in today. The only good thing about dragging this out is that we get to keep a hold on our money longer. :)

The dining room is open to the kitchen. You can see a bit of the green wall. I am not painting that now but I thought new panels on the window might connect the 2 rooms nicely. I wanted chocolate silk panels (read: expensive and dry clean only) but I found 'faux silk' ones at Kmart in the Martha Stewart line (read: much less expensive and washable). So I got the faux silk ones and hung them yesterday for a trial run. I think I like them. My husband actually noticed them last night just hours after I hung them. A new record for him. We usually go days before he notices new things. So I will wash them today and get the creases out.

I am still looking for accessories for the kitchen. I am going with a robin's egg blue - I just love that w/ the chocolate. I am considering painting the dining room wall blue but for now it will wait. That wall is far enough from the blue in the kitchen that it will work for now. Plus you don't see it when you are looking into the kitchen from the living room. I have a couple blue things so far. I want to put picture in the frame - a landscape type of thing - printed in Sepia tones - and
hang the frame on the wall. The wall space is pretty limited, which isn't a bad thing. The area in which I can really make the color pop is on the windows. So I am looking for a fabric to use as a small valance. I fell in love with the plate and bowls a while back at this darling store here called Bella. When I went in to look at them again they were 60% off - SOLD! So here I sit waiting for inspiration, ideas, something to hit me over the head; I don't know what! I have found some cute fabric at Warm Biscuit. I will probably end up going with something there. I just need to think.
We have a playdate today at a friend's home. Every five minutes my daughter asks, "when are we going toTaylor's?" Not until lunch time. I guess they would apprectiate it if I took a shower...


Laurie Anne said…
LOVE those dishes. Don't you just love when something you really want goes on sale. Looks like things are rolling along and bravo to the hubs for noticiing the curtains :0)
*carrie* said…
That is a classy color combination. I love that collage!

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