It's been a while...

Well, I cannot believe it is Wednesday evening. Where did the week go? Oh, I know.

We got a call from my dad on Saturday at noon saying my Grandmother had taken a turn for the worse and he and my mom were going up on Sunday. After very little discussion, my husband & I decided to go also. We rode separately as my husband needed to get back to work and my parents weren't sure how long they would stay. We arrived at my grandparent's about 5'ish on Sunday (after an 8 hour trip). My grandmother was asleep and had not been awake since Saturday afternoon. She is on morphine (she is in alot of pain, probably from stomach cancer but it has never been diagnosed since she told the doctor that she would not be cut open to find out - my grandma is 91.) So they have been giving her the morphine every couple of hours to keep the pain from getting too bad so she is sleeping. When she wakes she is in alot of pain. We just arrived home this evening. As of today she is still sleeping (now in a 'semi-coma' according to her nurse), hasn't had anything to eat or drink in 5 days, is still on the morphine. It is horrible to say the least. We didn't even let my daughter go in to see her - she waved to her from the back patio. It is getting harder each day for my grandpa. He is not sleeping much but he is still eating and getting lots of visitors and help (probably too much sometimes). So we sit and wait and pray for a peaceful passing. It could be a day or a week.

My grandma has lived a long and happy life with lots of friends and family. She has always been the picture of health so this is especially hard. I have been optimistic that she would recover but since Saturday I have come to the realization that the end is near and I can only now pray that she goes peacefully with her loved ones near.

On a brighter note, my husband & I saw "Mamma Mia" on Friday. It was really good. I would go see it again. We hardly go to the movies and if we do it's a weekend matinee so going on a Friday night was interesting. I think every tween and teen in town was either in the theater (NOT seeing "Mamma Mia" by the way!) or roaming around outside. Young girls walking around in small groups (& smaller clothing) in the dark. Kind of scary. I know we went to the movies when I was in high school but we wore more clothes back then.

Tomorrow morning the FINAL countertop installation will be done. The wetbar sink is in and we're ready to go. I have to go to Lowe's first thing in the morning to get the faucet. After that errand we need to pick the dog up at the kennel. We usually don't kennel her but she is 15 and I don't like to leave her alone anymore since she has fallen in the pool a few times and can't get out by herself. One of my friends watched her on Sunday & took her to the kennel for me on Monday since the kennel closed at noon on Saturday and we went to CA on Sunday. I am eager to see the pup - it's really quiet around here without her.

I finished reading "Love the one you're with" by Emily Giffin. It is a good book - an easy read. Not my favorite book of hers but still good. I think we will head to the library this week (I guess on Friday since the week is almost over) and see if they have anything new.

Since my daughter couldn't spend anytime at my Grandma's I was able to take her to get some back to school shopping done . They start school on August 4th so it's time to do that. I got everything she needed except socks, shoes, kleenex, and copy paper (don't get me started on the last two). I will probably take her next week to get the shoes and socks. My daughter really likes High School Musical and Hannah Montana so it was hard to steer her away from the 'character' clothing and to the other stuff. We did a pretty good job- we did break down and get her a Hannah tee-shirt(on sale for $4.48, thankfully). It is kind of cute but I am not sure I am going to let her wear it to school. They don't wear uniforms at her school (why not, I ask?) but I told her I wasn't sure if the first grade teachers let the kids wear character clothing. She informed me later that, yes, the first grade teachers did indeed allow characters...


Laurie Anne said…
So sorry to hear about your grandma. It is always hard to let go.
As far as the school supplies, I'm with you on the copy paper. Now if your daughter was in a HS composition class, I could see it, but first grade?? This is a teacher who does not want to walk down to the copier. Geesh.
Sending you lots of good thoughts today :0)

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