Seems like old times...

This has been the summer of old friends coming back to town. A few years ago, I went through about an 8 month period of friends moving (for various reasons). I was seriously starting to get a complex. This summer I feel better since two good friends have returned. One is here to stay for good, the other has purchased a vacation home. Whatever works, I say. These friends have kids my daughter's age and miraculously, they still seem to get along. They are really good moms who have the same philosophy on raising kids that I do. As my daughter gets older that seems harder to find. It's been fun catching up and getting together just like the 'old days'.

Tonight I took my daughter to the library's reading program finale. It was our first time since it is in the evening and I am such a sleep nazi that I don't, as a general rule, take her out at night. It started at 6:30 and we got home a bit before 8. She was beat but had fun. They had prizes galore, snacks and put on a really cute puppet show. We were able to check out a few books (because, as you can imagine, we don't have enough-haha) and spend some time in "Kid's town". Some of our friends were there so it was a real social activity for my daughter.

Speaking of reading - my daughter will be in 1st grade in August (less than 3 weeks until school starts) and her reading has improved a ton since summer started. I am truly amazed. Even better is that she seems to be comprehending most of what she reads. She is reading the early chapter books (like Junie B. Jones, which I have issues with but they are a good level for her). I saw that they have "Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew" - I had never seen them and I am eager for her to read those (maybe more eager than she is.) She seems to really like reading and is proud of herself. It was just like a light went off for her and she started soaring.

So, we live in Arizona and for some reason unknown to me school starts in early August. Now it is generally still well over 100 degrees in August - usually 110+. So, I ask, why doesn't school run through June (generally a cooler month than August) and start in September (ditto)? I am sure there is some really great reason - I just haven't found out what it is. The school superintendent is on our local radion station every now and then (usually complaining about a lack of $) so I need to call and ask the question. I am sure if they adjusted the schedule they could save ton on A/C plus we wouldn't have to worry about our kids passing out on the playground - yes they have outdoor recess when it's 110.

That being said, it will be nice to get back into the school routine. I enjoy not having to run out every morning but at the same time the routine is nice. My daughter is ready to be back with her friends everyday and to have a jam packed day. Every day she asks "what are we doing today?" Often she doesn't like the answer, "staying home."

Speaking of school, I hear I am the bulletin board coordinator for the PTA. What?? My friend, who is the PTA president, asked if I would do it. She said it 'won't take much time' - famous last words. For some reason, I said yes so I assume that a project is on the horizon.

A countertop update: The wet bar sink is holding things up. Hopefully it will be in this week and we can finish this project. I was hoping for tomorrow but I am not sure it will happen. I am still trying to figure out accessories and trying to decide if I want some sort of window treatment other than blinds. I have time to think about that since the blinds are up so the other treatment would just be an accent. So many little details to think about. I promise when it's all done there will be pictures. Promise.

I am off to work on reading my latest book, "Love the one you're with" by Emily Giffin. It's a library book so I'm on a deadline...


Laurie Anne said…
My girlfriend lives in AZ and she can't wait for school to start (2 boys) She was also commenting on how earl school starts, however, she loves the fall break so I guess everything is a trade off. How long has your district had this schedule?? Maybe they are slowly working up to year round school. Districts can be a little sneaky sometimes :0)
debra said…
This schedule has been in place for 2-3 years. They actually did have year round school just before that for a couple of years and changed it back to the more traditional schedule. I am hoping I will like the fall break more this year. Last year, in kindergarten, it was hard. The kids just get used to school then are off for 2 weeks. So when they came back it was just like the beginning of the year (poor teacher!). I am sure it is just the age and am looking forward to it being better this year. :)

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