Movie night...

My husband and I watched "Vantage Point" last night after my daughter went to bed. Oh my, the showing of the same thing over and over was irritating to say the least. Luckily, we were able to fast forward it and keep the story going.

The actual storyline was really good but I wish it had been told differently (but then the name of the movie would have to be changed!) Of course, anything with Dennis Quaid can't be too bad. He played a good guy, too. Forrest Whitaker was good, as always. And remember Matthew Fox from "Party of 5"? He played Quaid's colleague and turned out to be a bad guy. I figured this out fairly early on which is unusual for me. :)
All in all it's a pretty good movie. I think if we were prepared for the 'Groundhog Day' -like aspect we might have not been as 'miffed'. But if you're prepared it's worth a watch.


*carrie* said…
My husband and I have been wanting to see this movie--I'll keep what you said in mind.

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