Are you a game show junkie?

I mean the real game shows from 'back in the day' (70's & 80's)? I just love, love, love watching them. These contestants played their hearts out for a new stove or some rice a roni. Love it!

This week on Good Morning America they have been showcasing some of the classic game shows. Yesterday was the 'Newlywed Game'; today was 'Gambit'. It was fun to watch.
My all time favorite show is 'Match Game'. I don't get to watch it so much but I am always thrilled when I have a moment and it is on. I am sure there is some type of therapy for this.
Game Show Network is showcasing the classic game shows starting Sept 7 for 3 weeks. The first week is the shows from the 70's, the next is the 80's, the third is the 90's. I can't wait. This is the type of stuff they invented TIVO for...


Laurie Anne said…
I LOVED Match Game!! The celebs always looked like they were having way too much fun :0)

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