Bread and pasta...

We here at September Acres have been on a new eating plan (not really a diet, just trying to eat healthier) for about 4 months now. My husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea back in the spring and had gained a bit of weight. Wanting to get some of the weight off he consulted his personal doctor and his friend, N (who is also a doctor) and came home with a list of what he wanted to eat. Just for the record, these are things I have been telling him for year (although I am not a doctor). The following has been removed from his diet and our home:
  • Soda (and all other caffeine)-we generally didn't drink soda but I did buy him a 6 pack of Dr Pepper a week to take to work. He only drinks water now - and the occasional Michelob Ultra- gone are his weekly nights out with the guys at his favorite watering hole.
  • Bread - in all forms except for Ezekiel bread and 100% whole wheat bagel thins (by Thomas's - very tasty).
  • Pasta- in all forms. That's been a tough one since we ate pasta about 3 times a week before - I've had to come up with new menu ideas. No more spaghetti here!
  • Ice cream - we now only buy frozen yogurt for a treat.
  • Candy - & most other sugar.
  • Chips - although I didn't buy them much before - maybe a bag a month.

Those are the biggies. We buy virtually no processed food - we didn't buy a ton before but now it's pretty much non existent. My husband has lost a little over 20 lbs. Me? About 6.

So, the point of all that (there had to be a point, right?) is that LM got invited to stay at her friend's house overnight last Friday. Her friend's parents were going out to eat and wanted to make sure that it was okay for LM to go. Of course, it was. LM found out they were going to Italian and she said "Oh, good, I can have bread and pasta"...


Sarah said…
It is so amazing what small changes can do for our bodies! I have been a bit lax this summer... I have to be better again! Good for both of you!
Laurie Anne said…
Congrats to your hubby for dropping the pounds. Have you tried some of the whole grain pastas? When you stop and think it is really amazing how much processed food we really eat. Keep up the great job :0)
Sarah said…
I am passing an award on to you you you! Come over and grab it!

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