to the post below regarding not being welcome at school.

LM's teacher said she would pass my concerns on to the principal. I really expected that to be the end of it. Well, this morning at 8:13 am I got a call from the principal. She was very nice and said she wanted us to feel welcome and that yes, we could enter the school after the bell rings as long as we enter through the gym or front office. Frankly, I don't see why it matters since the kids are leaving from all the doors, not just those two. At least she cleared that up.

We had our volunteer training this afternoon and it went well. Most of the people there have been volunteering for years so it was short and sweet. Three of the nicest teachers in the school did the training which certainly made it pleasant. We are getting our own name tags this year instead of having to put 'visitor' stickers on.

We have been super busy here with home projects. My husband installed new interior doors which I am still painting, along with the baseboards. I hope to have some pictures to share soon. We also got a new bed - a king. We used to have a queen. So along with the new mattress we also needed new sheets, mattress pad, comforter, comforter cover, dust ruffle, pillows - it seems endless! Again, I will share pictures once the headboard arrives. I also want to paint LM's room since it hasn't been painted since we did her nursery. She wants pink and brown which I love. The plan is to do one accent wall brown and the rest pink. Pictures will be coming on all that too. So, hopefully in a few weeks I'll have posts with lots of pictures.

Until then, you know I'll be deep in paint...


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