Since I am the only one up now I thought it a good time to come back to the blogging world after a small summer break. While it is technically still summer, and it was 114 today, summer is officially over at our house. LM went back to school on Monday. I have yet to figure out why they go back so doggone early but it is what it is.

We had a good summer although it seemed REALLY short. Really, really short. But we did pack in a bit of activity.

  • LM went to Sea World with her Brownie troop.

  • My hubby and I went to see Rick Springfield (and just for the record, he did not think it would be fun to go on the Rick Springfield and friends cruise this fall - darn!)

  • We went to No. Ca. twice to see family. The second time my husband, cousin, dad and I went to a couple wineries for a little wine tasting. When we got back to our hotel my cousin and I proceeded to quickly fall asleep and have little naps - too MUCH wine, perhaps?

  • LM, my mom and I left the bay area and headed East to hit every Mc Donald's playland in the west, I mean towards Salt Lake City. We stopped at Donner Lake and Virginia City (where the highlight was the huge candy store) and stayed the first night in Reno. Then we headed out to the big town of Elko after lunch in Winnemucca. Interesting thing about Nevada: there are casinos at the truck stops and signs on the highway that say something like 'if you hear gunshots call the police'. Guess that's the wild west for you. We stayed in Elko one night and then we were off to Salt Lake. We stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats which was really neat. Once in Salt Lake we went to the zoo & Chuck E Cheese (which was really the only thing LM wanted to do!) We decided to go to the zoo on Pioneer Day, a state holiday which commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. It seemed every family in Utah was at the zoo that day. It was, quite frankly, a ZOO. But we had fun, rode the train & carousel and saw the new baby elephant. A fun vacation for sure.
  • We went to Las Vegas twice - both quick trips but fun.
  • And we spent lots of time at the pool trying to stay cool. Just like everyone else in the country this year, I think.

Now we are back home, back to school and somewhat back into a routine. I have been working some for my hubby since his secretary is on maternity leave. I am hoping she comes back but will know for sure next Friday. I have my fingers crossed!

I am the PTA secretary this year and so far so good... but it's only a week into the school year. Talk to me in May.

I am in a quandary about what to do about LM's CCD classes. There seems like there will be a conflict this year with her mass attendance and our travel schedule so I am off to talk to the head of the religious ed department next week to see if we can work something out. It's always something, isn't it?

I will slowly be working my way back to blogging regularly, I hope. I hope to show you some projects and pictures soon too....


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