Date Night...

You know you've been married a long time when your date night is spent at Lowe's!
LM stayed with her friend S the other night so off we went to Lowe's. While we were out of town my husband put in new interior doors (pictures later) so we needed to get some paint (he stopped at installing the doors since he 'doesn't paint'.) I kind of mentioned that once I paint the trim in the halls we should probably paint the walls in the hallway too. I threw out a few color ideas: white, tan/taupe, a creamy yellow. He suggested blue. I almost died! I had never thought to paint the hallway blue. We picked up a few samples and are in the process of making a decision. I am not totally sold on the blue but it's only paint and can be painted over if it's not right.
Next date night? Home Depot maybe??


Sarah said…
Those are my favorite kind of date nights!

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