Great deal...

Last weekend we headed out to Dillards to find sheets for our new bed. No luck on the sheets but check out this lovely cake stand I found tucked away on the 70% off rack. I fell in love with it when I saw it and I was more in love with the price :$5.79! There were lots of great deals on that rack. We also scored a large white stoneware platter for $9.00.
Make sure you check out those racks in the corners at the end of the season. Bargains abound and it reinforces my motto: You never need to pay full price for anything!

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Jen Kershner said…
I love cake stands and that one is a beauty. I could not have passed it up either!
Cheryl said…
Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment.
Great score on your finds! I love it when I am able to get something for a bargain too.
Laurie Anne said…
Love the color of that cake stand. I believe a girl can never have too many of those babies. Great score :0)
I love a bargain and that is a great find! The color is great. Very good.:)

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